Exness:FX trading Open during New Year holidays, Christmas, Golden Week, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays


I am curious about whether Exness can be traded 24 hours a day on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and also be careful about long holidays. Please be careful as the dates when you can actually trade tend to be irregular. Please be sure to check the information as it is often published on official pages.

Exness weekends and holidays

Business days of Exness are basically weekdays. Deposits, withdrawals, and transfers can be made on weekends and holidays, but weekends and holidays are not business days for the company itself. Therefore, please note that if the company asks for manual work or confirmation work, it will be handled on weekdays on the next business day.

This also applies to inquiries, etc. Please note that emails, chats, and even phone calls are not available on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Treatment of weekends and holidays in trading

Even in the industry, trading hours and holidays vary considerably depending on the brand. Therefore, please refer to the article below. Those who use automatic trading (EA) tools 365 days a year tend to leave things unattended, so be sure to check. Swap points will also occur if you cross the day. Please be careful when investing as the maximum position and campaign are completely different depending on the company. There may be outages for maintenance, etc. In addition to foreign exchange, Exness also offers Bitcoin, stocks, precious metals, energy, and indexes.

Year-end and New Year sales and transactions

Exness, like other companies, changes its business days and trading hours during the year-end and New Year holidays. At the end of each year, it is often announced on the official page, so please check it. I made a table about the year-end and New Year holidays from 2022 to 2023 for reference. By the way, x = holiday.

Exness SupportTrade Time
28/12/2022×07:05~07:04(Japan Time)
29/12/2022×07:05~07:04(Japan Time)
30/12/2022×07:05~07:04(Japan Time)
2/1/2023×07:05~07:04(Japan Time)
3/1/2023×07:05~07:04(Japan Time)

Sales and transactions during Golden Week and Obon

Golden Week and Obon are actually an environment and culture unique to Japan. Therefore, it is free in other overseas countries and there is no significant impact, so there are no restrictions or changes to Exness business hours or trading hours. Every year, May is Golden Week and August is Obon, but when trading, you need to be careful when placing new orders and making payments regarding the currency pair yen market. Trends can also cause your funds to melt away.

Decrease in Japanese traders

Golden Week and the Obon period are major holidays for many Japanese people, so most people suspend trading. This will have a major impact on the market. The yen market will be particularly affected. Each server is comfortable, but when there are important economic indicators, some price movements become rough. There is also the risk of losing real money due to losses due to stop-loss cuts. Check the indicators in advance on the management page.

decrease in trading volume

When it comes to the Japanese Yen and Japanese stocks, the reduced trading volume makes the market easier to move. Watch out for big currents as trends are also likely to occur. Continuing to resist can result in endless losses.

Different from normal market

As the number of traders decreases and the trading volume decreases, the market tends to move in a different way than usual. If you trade as usual, you will end up losing a lot of money, so you will need to be careful. In any case, the market rate tends to fluctuate significantly, so be sure to fully understand the daily situation before making a decision. Be sure to be aware of the risk-reward ratio when holding stocks.

Christmas sales

There are probably many European and American traders among Exness users. For Christmas, we are open as usual. Therefore, you can rest assured that the support center and trading can be done as usual. However, traders are often closed during Christmas, so be careful as the market tends to move differently than usual.

Open an account for free

It is possible to open an account for free. Users can open an account without any risks, so if you are interested, please create an account first. Once you create an account, you will also be able to do demo trading on the platform. Major commodity brands can be traded, so take advantage of it. There is also a zero cut, so you can trade with high leverage. Every day, investors can make money in the market.


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