XM Trading: When is the scheduled maintenance time?


You can register as a member at xmtrading and trade on MT, but when will the maintenance period for XM itself occur?I will explain how to deal with it. Since so many people have questions about the operating status of the system, this article will be about the times when XM’s scheduled maintenance will take place.

What kind of maintenance is required for XM?

The purpose of XM maintenance is to update member page functions, install new features, and check for abnormalities in member pages and transaction servers. There are two types of XM maintenance settings: Note that traders are usually not able to see the charts in the tool, which affects them. Please note that there are restrictions. Also, maintenance is often performed on Saturdays and Sundays. If you are unable to trade for reasons other than maintenance, your account may be frozen.

Temporary maintenance

Sometimes on weekends, sometimes on weekdays. We will maintain and update the official site when there are necessary functions, information, and system updates. We are carrying out system maintenance in order to create an environment where users can use the service comfortably. In the case of temporary maintenance, it is easy to understand because it is often announced in advance. It is also very safe because it is often done outside trading hours.

emergency maintenance

This maintenance is performed in the event of a system failure or a sudden change in the market price. XM may suddenly enter maintenance mode during weekday trading hours. XM does not publicly announce that it has emergency maintenance, but it has had emergency maintenance in the past. It is an emergency maintenance that is suddenly performed at XM, but there is no particular notification in advance notice. Since there is no notification, users should prepare for sudden changes in the XM market on a daily basis.

maintenance time

At XMTrading, we give the utmost consideration to our users and maintain maintenance hours outside of trading hours. Maintenance may not be carried out throughout this period, but the period varies greatly depending on the trading symbol. It is safe to assume that maintenance will occur on Saturdays and Sundays, which are XM’s holidays, and will not occur on weekdays. I usually don’t do it when the market is moving, but it’s important, so be sure to visit the official site from time to time to check the next schedule. Stop automated trading.

FX basic maintenance time

Summer time: Saturday 5:50 to Monday 6:05

Winter hours: Saturday 6:50 to Monday 7:05

XM’s winter trading hours are from 7:05 on Monday to 6:50 on Saturday, so the maintenance will be after 6:50 on Saturday until around 7:00 on Monday. Daylight saving time is from 6:05 on Monday to 5:50 on Saturday, so the maintenance will be from after 5:50 on Saturday until around 6:00 on Monday.

Maintenance time operation

Maintenance will be done on both the XM official website and MT4 and MT5. During the maintenance of XM’s official website, you cannot log in to My Page, so you will not be able to perform all procedures such as deposits and withdrawals, account registration, account opening, submission of identity verification documents, and account management. All procedures and operations of XM will be disabled, so it is necessary to understand the maintenance time in advance.

Not tradeable

As the market opens and market fluctuations continue, if maintenance occurs in the system provided by the Forex company, trading will not be possible. In other words, you cannot buy or sell currency pairs during maintenance. Therefore, if you have a position during maintenance, there is a possibility that you will not be able to trade due to sudden price fluctuations and you will lose a lot.

can’t deposit or withdraw money

Deposits and withdrawals will not be accepted during maintenance. Therefore, if maintenance is performed during trading hours, you may not be able to maintain your position or protect your funds. There are many cases where a large loss cut occurs and is noticed early in the morning. Basically, in order to avoid losses, we recommend closing your position as a countermeasure. You can protect your balance.

Display during maintenance

A message will appear on the login screen during XM maintenance. Therefore, it can be said that there is little confusion. Also, please be assured that the positions held will not be lost even if there is maintenance.


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