Exness:What is the Premier Program? Thorough explanation of membership conditions and reward benefits


Exness has a system called a special premier program for transactions, so be sure to keep the membership service conditions low. Although the hurdles for joining are high, the benefits are correspondingly large, so it is a program that is recommended for those who want to trade with Exness to join.

What is the Premier Program?

There are three tiers of Exnes Premier membership: Preferred, Elite, and Signature, and your tier is determined by your deposit amount and transaction volume. The amount of support you receive differs depending on your rank, and your treatment also changes. The higher the rank, the better the range of services. Below are the features of the Premier Program. There are also benefits provided by meeting and achieving the conditions and becoming a Premier member. There is some risk, but it is limited to those who can use a lot of cash as funds.

Priority support

At Exness, a large number of staff members respond to inquiries from users, but inquiries from Premier members receive priority response over other users. Elite members and above receive face-to-face support, while Preferred members and above receive one-on-one contact with a dedicated account manager. The biggest advantage is that you can exchange real market information and ask questions, which is beneficial. There are no fees either.

Premier exclusive webinars and videos

Premier members receive exclusive webinars, seminars, and videos. This is something that general members cannot see, and it provides a wide range of information, including specialized knowledge that can be applied to trading. Therefore, you can receive valuable VIP class exclusive services depending on your level. It’s very attractive and the best content.

View market report

Exness also distributes chart analysis and economic event information to general members, but if you become a Premier member, you will be able to see more detailed reports than general members. You can view advanced fundamental and technical analysis as well as weekly and quarterly reports from specialists. I highly recommend it as it is a very useful strategic tool for investing.

Contests and prize draws

We also hold trade contests exclusively for Premier members, and depending on your trading results, you can win luxurious prizes such as luxury cars and travel tours. The details are not disclosed to the public, and you won’t know until you become a Premier member and experience it.

exchange party

As a top-tier Signature member, you’ll be invited to exclusive parties, mingle with fellow members, talk with Exness’ account managers, and enjoy exclusive benefits. You might have a good encounter at an event. The event being held is for members only, so it’s a safe party.

Corporate account

Basically, you can only create an individual account with Exness. However, if you maintain Preferred Rank for two consecutive terms (quarters) or reach Elite or Signature status for at least one term, you will be able to open a corporate account.

How to become a Premier member

For reference, not everyone can become a Premier member right away. Please note that there are official requirements and conditions. There are three classes, each with their own conditions. A quarter refers to four periods: January to the end of March, April to the end of June, July to the end of September, and October to the end of December. This is a system in which the rank of Premier membership is determined by the amount. Your rank will increase once you step through the stages.

RankCumulative deposit amountquarterly trading volume

auto join

Exness’s Premier plan works by auto-joining. If you meet the above conditions, you will be able to participate. If you do not wish to participate in the Exness Premier Program, please contact our support center. If you do not wish to participate, please email premier@exness.com.

trading volume calculation

Volume calculation is calculated quarterly and adds up all open and settled orders (orders in both directions) for the current quarter. You will be eligible to participate if the total amount meets the above conditions. Please note that you cannot have multiple Premier Memberships. You can only participate in one of the three.


Preferred is the lowest rank in Exness Premier. Services you can receive include priority customer support,''member-only educational materials,” expert analysis reports,'' andspecial promotions.” There are relatively many services available, so it might be a good idea to take a look.


In addition to the benefits of preferred members, elite members receive services such as “priority support from dedicated account managers” and “interviews with dedicated account managers.” This plan is highly recommended for users who want to receive advice from a third party, as it comes with a dedicated support and manager overall.


Become a Premier member, the highest rank. In addition to the support of Preferred and Elite members, you will also receive access to “interviews with Exness top management” and “annual premier gala events”.

Check membership rank

When you reach Preferred Rank of Premier membership or above, “Exness Premier” will be displayed when you open “Settings” on your Exness My Page. You can check your current membership rank, next quarter’s rank, cumulative deposit amount, and quarterly transaction volume. You can open a new account with an overseas Forex company for free by following the steps below. It is recommended as it has many luxurious campaigns, cashbacks, and bonuses, as well as a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods. Investors can make profits with different stocks.


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