Exness: Causes and reasons why you can’t place an order in MT4/MT5 trading at overseas Forex company Exness? Line outage? Are you updating?


If you are trading on Exness, you may run into a situation where you cannot place an order. This may be an MT4 or MT5 problem, or a line problem. Please be aware that the way to deal with failures will vary depending on the situation.

What to do when you can’t order

We will explain possible situations and solutions when you cannot place an order. Please note that this may affect deposits and withdrawals in some cases. Support is provided to the vendor, so you can contact them by clicking here. There are many reasons why you may not be able to place an order, such as margin deposits, fees, and products. There are risks involved, so make sure to trade with surplus funds and sufficient balance.

I can’t see the chart

When you’re trading on MT4 or MT5, there must be times when a symbol is grayed out and you can’t open or view the chart. If I can’t display the chart, I can’t trade in the first place.


First, the trading symbol may be outside of trading hours. Please refer to the article below for the latest information. Depending on the stock, there are periods outside of trading hours. Investors need to be completely attuned to the financial market and need to be checked. If it is outside of these hours, an error will occur and you will not be able to invest in stocks, indexes, currency pairs, virtual currencies, etc.

archived account

In Exness, accounts that have been archived by themselves and accounts that have been archived by the management side are in a dormant state and cannot be traded. In this case, 100% trading itself is not possible, so please be careful. Please refer to the following article for the solution.


An archived account must be reactivated before trading can begin. Therefore, please refer to the article below and re-enable it.

The version of MT4/MT5 is not the latest version

Always keep your MT4 and MT5 software, which is a trading tool, up to date. If it is not the latest version, it may be displayed as “line disconnected” or “invalid account”. You can check the version information of the trading software version from the help tab of MT4/MT5.


The solution is simple, just update your software to the latest version. This should solve it.

Incorrect login information

You may say that you cannot log in to MT4 or MT5. Also, you cannot use the same login information for MT4 and MT5. Each Exness will issue a unique login information. For each account, confirmation of ID, password, and server name is required.


You can reconfirm your ID and server name when you confirm your personal area account information. Please refer to the article below. You must remember your password. If you forget it, you can reset it in your personal area.

Shown as disconnected

It may be an internet provider issue. In order to trade in the first place, you must be connected to the internet. If the line is disconnected, there is a high possibility that it is a problem with the terminal you are using before MT4 or MT5.


First, check the connection status of your PC or smartphone. If there is no problem, firewall or virus software may be blocking the connection, so please investigate there. If you can connect to MT4 or MT5 by turning off the software, the software is the cause.

Unable to trade or invalid to trade

I think that it may be displayed that the transaction is not possible or the transaction is invalid. Although you can log in to MT4 or MT5, you cannot place new orders. This is a problem with your account.


For example, you haven’t deposited money in your account in the first place, you haven’t submitted and approved your identity verification documents, or you’re trying to trade outside of trading hours. A trading account cannot be traded unless the minimum deposit amount has been deposited and the account will be in a disabled state. The minimum deposit amount varies depending on the account type.

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