Exness: Mirror Trade Explanation on how to start social trading


Exness allows mirror trading and social trading, so we will explain copy strategy trading methods in this article. Social trading is recommended for those who have difficulty winning in FX or who are busy with work and don’t have time to trade. If you use social trading, talented traders will earn money for you.

What is social trade?

Social trading, also called “copy trade”, refers to copying the trades of individual traders who have published their trades and doing the same trades in their own position trades. Copy trading costs a fee, but there are many attractions. Social trading has the following features:

for busy people

It is very suitable for people who usually do not have time to look at charts, such as office workers. This is because the trader trades for you, so you earn money instead. Even if you have little knowledge about Forex, you can trade Forex, so you can refer to the trading strategies of professional traders.

Even beginners can win

With copy trading, you can copy the trades of professional traders without knowledge of Forex trading, so you can use it without knowledge of Forex, and it has the advantage that even beginners can easily start. It has the advantage that even beginners can win. When you do discretionary trading, you have to analyze price movements yourself.

Dealing with irregular market

Copy trading has the advantage of being able to handle irregular market conditions. If the market fluctuates due to economic news, etc., there is a risk of loss. However, professional traders can sense it, so they have the advantage of reducing losses.

Learn to trade like a pro trader

Copy trading is attractive because it reflects the trading of professional traders as it is. Therefore, you can refer to the trading strategies of professional traders, etc., and it will lead to seeing the know-how of Forex trading. See the trading decisions of real professional traders through your trades. Intermediate players should be able to learn a lot by actually watching advanced trades.

Social trading account types

You can choose between two social trading account types: MT4 Social Pro and MT4 Social Standard. Social Standard trades under almost the same conditions as the Standard account. Social Pro trades under the same conditions as a professional account.

Social Standard Social Pro
Minimum deposit500$500$
Minimum margin500$2,000$
Minimum lot0.010.01
Ordermarket orderMarket order, instant order
SpreadStandard AccountPro Account
Leverage50 or 100 or 20050 or 100 or 200

investors and strategy providers

There are two positions in social trading: investors and strategy providers. You can trade on your smartphone or PC, and if you leave it alone, a proven strategy provider will find the points and automatically earn you money. You can access various program services from the website. Please also check the latest terms of use.


Investors do not trade on their own. Investors become followers who copy the strategy provider’s trades. Investors choose a good strategy provider to copy their trades and grow their funds.

strategy provider

Strategy providers are followed by investors and can not only make profits from trading, but also receive success fees from investors who copy their trades. It becomes our duty to make trades profitable and ensure that both investors and strategy providers win.

Social trading risks

On the other hand, social trading also has risks. Please understand the following points before proceeding. Based on statistical data, it does not have the same risks as automatic trading (EA), but there are also large losses. When considering your choice, check and follow up on your grades now. This company’s social trading is famous in the industry for its many financial products.


Social trading is not a system that guarantees a 100% win. It’s just that the probability of winning increases because a skilled trader is doing it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will win. Sometimes it may be negative, and there is also a risk of full deficit, so please understand that before participating.

Trading doesn’t improve

Social trading is, so to speak, trading in which you are entrusted to others. By referring to the trades of experienced traders, you can make a profit, but on the contrary, you will not improve yourself at all. For those who cannot earn money on their own, the problem arises that they have to rely on skilled traders all the time.

There is a fee

Professional traders called strategy providers set their fees on Exness. Therefore it is not 0%. Please note that if you make a profit, a few percent of it will be taken by the trader. The system is such that it is not possible to collect all profits. Exness allows you to set commissions from 5% to 50%.

How to do social trading

I will explain how to do social trading with Exness. The account prepared for Exness needs to prepare an account dedicated to social trading, unlike a normal account. Please download the app.

Social Trading

Download the app and set the following. Once everything is set up, the Exness social trading app is ready to use.

  • Select country of residence
  • Email address settings
  • password setting
  • Set a passcode for login


When you do social trading, you start from where you deposit. You can select the service you want to use and make a deposit. If you select each, enter the amount and tap Confirm to display the confirmation screen. If there is no mistake, tap “Confirm”.

Deposit methodMIN feecommissionreflect
Credit Card10$freeimmediate
Bank Transfer10$free24 Hour
Bitcoin10$free72 Hour
Perfect Money10$freeimmediate

start copying

Copying will start from here. Look at the risk score, return, fee, number of investors, etc. and choose the copy destination. Once you’ve selected the traders you want to copy, tap “Start Copying”. Then, the investment amount input screen will be displayed, so please decide the investment amount. When the following screen is displayed, it is completed.

ReturnIndicates high profit margin
Risk ScoreThe higher the level, the higher the risk of losing all your funds in a short period of time.
InvertorsRepresents the number of investors who are copying the strategy
ProviderNationality of strategic provider

Stop copying

If you want to stop copying, tap “Cancel copying” in the center of the strategy page. A pop-up will appear, so tap “Cancel copying”. If you are interested in this company, please open an account. Please refer to the article below for detailed information. The effective leverage is high and the withdrawal rules are lenient, so the content is highly rated. New customers can endure up to the limit of their margin. The operation is also licensed by the Financial Services Agency, so you can rest assured.


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