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FXGT has an affiliate program, so we will introduce and explain how trading works, how to get started, and whether you can make money or not. This is a system where you can receive rewards by inviting new users and having them trade. It is a mechanism that allows users to link by clicking on the link or banner provided by the FX company and registering. Please note that self-affiliate marketing is prohibited.

Affiliate type

FXGT offers two types of affiliate programs. There are programs like: Affiliate program rewards do not occur just by opening an account. After opening, the reward will be generated for the first time by trading. Therefore, it is characterized that the reward generation point is a little farther than other affiliates.

Rebate reward

Rebate rewards are earned when a trader you introduce actually trades. The reward rate varies depending on the active trader earned. Of course, there are risks in trading, but whether it’s scalping or trading, the rewards are semi-permanent and completely generated. You can increase your assets by yourself. You can easily view the status of valid appeals by accessing the portal site.


Sub-affiliate is a system in which you can receive 10% of the reward when the affiliate you introduced performs activities and receives a reward. Furthermore, if a sub-affiliate level 2 user introduced by a sub-affiliate level 1 user receives a commission, you will receive 5% of that commission. This is a setting where the customers you introduce will take action and earn money. Basically, if you can maintain a certain number, you will receive more and more money.

Unit price of rebate reward

Rebate rewards are determined by affiliate rank. The rebate rewards are quite high compared to other companies’ affiliate programs, so the reality is that there are many affiliates who are taking on the challenge. Ranks start at Bronze, and after that, the reward unit price is determined by the rank according to the number of active users (people who transact). If you have more than 50 traders, you can earn up to $12/lot. Bronze starts at $4, but increases to $6 for Silver, $8 for Gold, $10 for Platinum, and $12 for Elite.

RankrewardUser Activations

unearned income

FXGT affiliates continue to earn commissions as long as traders are trading. Furthermore, rewards will also be generated when affiliates act as sub-affiliates. If you can secure affiliates and traders who will continue to work, it will be a de facto unearned income, so it is a very attractive program for affiliates.

how to start affiliate

To start affiliate marketing, you must first open an affiliate account. You can open an account below. We will introduce how to perform the target service step by step. If you start and attract more customers, the amount and amount will increase accordingly. If possible, always research and promote your industry. We also carry many financial products, so please check them out.

Click the button and the form below will appear. Please fill in the necessary information. And finally press “Register”.

Full Name : enter name

Email Address : Enter your email address

Password :Enter your password

Choose in which currency : Select the currency that will be deposited in your account

Country of residence : Select country of residence

When you press Register, click the URL in the e-mail you receive from FXGT, and complete the affiliate registration by performing e-mail authentication. When registration is complete, a completion notification will be sent to your email address. Please do not forget your username and password.

Create Affiliate Link

You can now enter My Page, so please log in. You can generate an account opening link for a trader by clicking “Referral Link” at the top of the screen.

You will be able to choose either affiliate or sub-affiliate and generate a link. By advertising the link generated here on blogs, SNS, etc., users who have registered will be solicited and traded, and rewards will be generated.

Do affiliates make money?

Do affiliates make money? The answer changes depending on the means of advertising. If you advertise on your blog, search engines will not recognize your article until about three months after you create it. It is a level that clicks finally occur after about half a year. If you advertise on your blog, you won’t get much rewards unless you wait for more than a year. Of course, it is necessary to write dozens to hundreds of articles during that time. In the case of SNS, it will change depending on the method of advertising. In any case, the results will not come immediately. You need to be an affiliate in the long run.

Notes for affiliates

Please note the following points when becoming an affiliate. It is recommended for earning money, but there are some points to be careful about how to earn money and sending out messages. At first, you won’t be able to earn 4 or 8 dollars, which is small, but as more and more people register on the official website after gaining experience, the amount will snowball and increase. Although there are competitors, let’s proceed by asking support about any unclear points or important points. You can aim for big rewards with a wide variety of products.

self affiliate

FXGT does not allow self-affiliation. Self-affiliate is to receive a reward by opening an account with FXGT using the affiliate link created by yourself and trading. If you self-affiliate, your account and affiliate account may be frozen.


Regarding the rebate invitation, it is a system that increases the affiliate reward as the number of active users increases. At that time, affiliates must self-report and raise their rank. Please contact the support center each time.

Affiliate commission withdrawal

The withdrawal period for affiliate commissions is specified. From the 3rd to the 7th of each month. Please note that withdrawals are completed within a few days.

Affiliate reward currency

FXGT has various base currencies. Please note that the affiliate reward currency will be the currency in which the trader trades. Payment details are determined by the introduced person’s transaction currency.

How to withdraw affiliate commissions

To withdraw your affiliate commission, log in to the affiliate portal and select “Withdraw” from the partner page. Withdrawal methods are the same as for trading accounts. If you have never requested a withdrawal from your trading account, please refer to the following article.

Affiliate FAQ

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding FXGT affiliate marketing.

What are tier rewards?

Tier rewards refer to the rewards you receive from people you introduce as an affiliate who then become affiliates and open accounts. It would be good to have an image of it becoming more and more chained. Please refer to the sub-affiliate headings at the top.

Is it necessary to open an account?

Opening a trading account is not required to participate in the affiliate program, but opening an affiliate program account is required. However, in order to actually become an affiliate, you need to know about FXGT’s trading account, so we recommend opening a trading account as well.

Does FXGT have bonuses?

FXGT has many bonuses and campaigns. If you make full use of these bonuses and trade, you will be able to aim for a lot of affiliate commissions.

Will I get paid just for registering?

If you are an FXGT affiliate, you will not receive compensation just by registering an account. Therefore, you need to get the trade done first. However, on the other hand, as long as you receive trades, affiliate commissions will continue to be generated, leading to permanent income.

How do I apply?

In order to increase your affiliate commission, you need to contact the support center. Please refer to the article below for information on how to contact the support center.


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