XMTrading: The truth behind withdrawal refusals, how to troubleshoot, thorough explanation


We will introduce and explain a case for reference regarding the withdrawal refusal of XMTrading, an overseas FX company. is a world-famous FX broker. However, there are rumors that some users who traded on XMTrading were refused the ability to withdraw their profits from FX trading. Beginner traders may be feeling anxious because there are rumors on Twitter etc. that withdrawals have been refused. However, withdrawals at XMTrading are not rejected without any reason, and it seems that withdrawals are refused when certain conditions are met.

3 reasons why withdrawal rejection risk is low

XM is known as a company with few withdrawal refusals in the world. There are three reasons why XMTrading’s withdrawal rejection risk is low. XM not only has a high reputation, but also ranks high in popularity rankings, and when compared among overseas FX brokers, XM allows double-denomination, scalping, automatic trading (EA) tools, etc., so it is recommended with relatively few restrictions. I’m a broker. After checking the reviews and reputation in Japan, there doesn’t seem to be much of a safety problem. Users can also check the frequently asked questions.

No.1 number of customers

For reference, XMTrading has continued to operate excellently from a trader’s perspective since its establishment in 2009. Currently, the number of customers is among the highest in the world, and a fraudulent company that refuses withdrawals would not be able to increase the number of users to this extent. You can rest assured that it is very reliable. Important assets are also well protected. It is safe for investors as loss cuts and zero cuts have been introduced in the market.

Capital 40 billion yen

XM Trading is an overseas Forex broker with a solid capital base of 40 billion yen. Therefore, even if you request a large amount of withdrawal, there will be no withdrawal rejection at XM Trading.

“Tradexfin Limited” operated by XM has obtained a financial license from the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA). A financial license from the Seychelles Monetary Authority cannot be obtained without sufficient funds to secure customer deposits and withdrawals.

There is no merit in rejecting withdrawals

With XMTrading, there is no benefit in gaining profits by refusing withdrawals. Even if XM defrauds you of your funds by refusing withdrawals, it will be meaningless if your reputation suffers and XM loses users. Withdrawals will be processed on business days. Zero cut is also adopted, and there is no margin call. We will not freeze your account or refuse withdrawals unless you engage in prohibited activities.

Conditions for withdrawal refusal

There are good reasons why withdrawals are refused when using XMding. XMTrading withdrawals often take from the same day to a week. The reflection time and number of days will vary depending on the withdrawal method. Fraudulent behavior is also prohibited, so please be careful when holding positions. The official policy of the operating company is also stated.

Violation of Terms of Service

XMTrading clearly states that if you violate the following terms, your account will be frozen and you will not be able to move your funds. Therefore, the following prohibited acts are out of the question. The following article explains the possibility of account freezing and fraud trouble cases, such as some of the trading positions, arbitrage, trades aimed at filling the window, and trades aimed at delayed rates. If applicable, support and negotiation will be required as a last resort.

Withdrawals using methods with no deposit history

XMTrading requires withdrawals to be made using the same method used for deposits to prevent money laundering. However, there are some people who do not know this rule and apply for withdrawals using a method that has no deposit history, and in such cases, we have recently taken measures to temporarily deny the withdrawal by some method regardless of the reason. seems to be taken. It will be regulated. If you still cannot withdraw money after checking, please contact us. Be sure to check the holder’s name and name.

Not adhering to withdrawal priority

In XMtrading, withdrawal priority is determined. There are many types of withdrawals, but if you apply for a withdrawal using the wrong method without knowing the method, your withdrawal may be refused. First of all, credit card withdrawal is the first priority, so let’s figure it out. You can choose how to withdraw your profits and how you want to use them. Also, the bonus will disappear depending on the withdrawal amount, so be careful when continuing.

Insufficient bank information

In conclusion, with XMtrading, you cannot withdraw money to the target bank unless you have entered the bank account information in advance. For this reason, I think many people fill in the information at the time of registration, but as a result, there are often errors in the information. If the address is incorrect, an error will occur, so please update it. This also applies to debit cards, credit cards, paypay, bxone, sticpay, bitwallet, Bitcoin, etc.

trying to withdraw my bonus

XMtrading offers luxurious bonus campaigns. However, bonuses can only be used for trading and cannot actually be withdrawn intentionally. If you apply for a withdrawal including the bonus amount, the withdrawal may be refused. This system is the same for exness, axiory, gemforex, titanfx, and iforex. Please make your withdrawal using the correct method.

Withdrawal to banks without SWIFT code

If you wish to withdraw money from XMtrading via bank transfer, you must use the bank registered with your SWIFT code. A SWIFT code is a financial institution identification code used to identify the recipient’s bank during international remittances. If it is not registered on the system, it will be considered ineligible and will not be withdrawn. Payments can be made at many banks (Jibun Bank, Shinsei Bank, Japan Post Bank, Mizuho Bank, Seven Bank, Japan Net Bank, City Banks, etc.). Please use a bank that has a SWIFT code that you have researched and managed.

Margin maintenance rate is 150% or less

At XMtrading, if the margin maintenance rate is below 150%, you will not be able to make any withdrawals. Please make sure to close your position before applying for a withdrawal. This applies 24 hours a day regardless of currency pairs or stocks. For more information, there is a calculation tool on the official website, so if you are worried, try using it. There are several different tools for different purposes, so let’s take a look at the list. It’s a good point because it’s free to use. If you have basic knowledge, you can apply it to new orders.

maintenance/server bug

The most common reason for not being able to withdraw money is server bugs or maintenance on the XM side. You may think that your withdrawal has been declined because the withdrawal process suddenly becomes unavailable. If the problem is due to a bug or maintenance, you can usually successfully withdraw your money if you try again after some time has passed. As a preventive measure, it seems that malicious trades are currently increasing based on economic indicators, etc., and we may impose some restrictions on the provision of trading services.

dormant account

XMTrading charges a monthly fee of $5 for dormant accounts, and of course you cannot withdraw money if the account balance reaches zero. If there is no trading activity for more than 90 days, the account will be automatically treated as dormant. Of course, it is almost impossible to buy or sell with certainty. First, let’s revive the account. You can trade and earn money from Monday to Friday during business hours. Unless you violate the rules, your account will not be intentionally made dormant.


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