XMTrading: Withdrawal methods and procedures, fees, days for deposit, thorough explanation


This article introduces and explains recommended withdrawal methods (bank transfer, credit card), procedures, fees, and withdrawal refusals from an Xmtrading trading account. Once you know how to deposit on XMTrading, you need to know how to withdraw. I think there are many people who want to know what withdrawal methods XM supports, such as fees and bank transfer procedures, and whether they can withdraw money properly. We will explain in detail how to withdraw money from XM, the rules to be aware of, and the possibility of trouble. We also summarize the reflection time, the time it takes, as well as the withdrawal rules and the possibility of withdrawal refusal. We will also explain the usage fees.

XM withdrawal method, minimum withdrawal amount, and number of days until funds arrive

XM offers three withdrawal methods. There are multiple withdrawal methods, and the table below summarizes the “withdrawal fees, deposit reflection speed, minimum withdrawal amount, and withdrawal limit” for each withdrawal method. Bank transfers take a few days depending on whether the transfer is domestic, overseas, or overseas. bitwallet and bxone have 365 business days, so it’s easier to reflect. Fees vary depending on the service.

Withdrawal methodTime to complete processingTime until paymentMinimum withdrawal amount
bank transferwithin 24 hours2-5 business days10,000 yen
credit/debit cardwithin 24 hoursDepends on deadline500 yen
STICPAYwithin 24 hoursimmediate500 yen

What are the withdrawal rules?

XM has three rules regarding withdrawals. To apply, please contact the support desk. It also includes matters that affect bonuses and transactions. Holding a position also involves investment risk. Details are explained below.

You can only withdraw using the method used to deposit

At XM, if you make a deposit using a method other than bank deposit, you can only withdraw up to the deposit amount for that deposit method. This is to prevent money laundering due to unauthorized use of credit cards. Bank is bank, BitWallet is BitWallet. With BitWallet, the money will arrive in less time. Online wallets are generally quick to update, so they are recommended for those who want to check them right away.

Bank transfer for profits

If you wish to withdraw your profits with XM, you can only do so through overseas bank transfer. This is a rule adopted by almost all FX brokers, so it is not a troublesome process that only applies to XM. There is no upper limit on the maximum amount, and you can withdraw as much as you want. As a workaround, avoid weekends and holidays. For new customers, bank transfer is the safest method.

Withdrawal priority

There is a priority order for XM withdrawal methods. The priority is credit card (JCB card) first, electronic wallet such as BitWallet second, and bank transfer (local transfer) third. If you deposit using three methods: credit card, online wallet, or overseas bank transfer, the above priority order will be applied and the funds will be withdrawn. Be careful when receiving it.

Bonus is non-withdrawable

Bonuses received with XM cannot be withdrawn, so it is a risk. Bonus credits are money that can only be used for trading, so the bonus provided will only serve as margin. If you can withdraw only the bonus, you can earn money without trading, so this is a countermeasure. Please note that you cannot withdraw money immediately.

XM bonus disappears when you withdraw

Not only can XM bonus credits not be withdrawn, but when a withdrawal is made from the cash balance, they will disappear at a percentage according to the withdrawal amount. If you are worried, just trade the product without transferring funds and you will not lose your credit.

Margin maintenance rate after withdrawal must be 150% or more

At XM, when the bonus expires, the equity in the account will be further reduced by that amount. Withdrawals and fund transfers that result in a margin maintenance rate of less than 150% after withdrawal are not permitted.

How much does XM withdrawal fee cost?

Basically, there are no fees charged on the XM side for withdrawals. However, each service may incur transfer fees. For each method, we recommend contacting the company to confirm. Bank transfer has the highest cost.

For bank transfer

When withdrawing money using Japanese domestic bank transfer (Sony, Sumishin SBI Net Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Resona Bank, etc.), if the withdrawal amount is less than 400,000 yen, please contact the payment agency. The 2,500 yen handling fee will be borne by the customer. If the amount is over 400,000 yen, XM will bear the entire withdrawal fee. If it is a Saturday or Sunday, it will be processed after Monday.

credit card, debit card

Credit cards and debit cards will be refunded in the form of a full purchase cancellation. There are no charges or fees. VISA cards are eligible, so if you are unsure, please check the terms and conditions. Unlike financial institutions, processing is fast. However, the name of the issued card must match.

bitwallet, STICPAY, BXONE

It is also free for online wallets such as bitwallet, STICPAY, and BXONE. This is the most recommended withdrawal method as it will be reflected within 24 hours. Can be operated even outside of XM business hours or trading hours. You can also send money such as Bitcoin. This is a very convenient way to send money with just one button.

Confirm personal information

When making a withdrawal, you will always be asked to confirm that the name of the holder is correct. Some people may change their address or phone number. Please be sure to check before processing your withdrawal. Your consent is the last thing you need, and you won’t be able to send without it.

Is it possible to withdraw money on Saturdays and Sundays?

As for whether withdrawals are possible even on Saturdays and Sundays, it is possible to use credit cards. However, withdrawing money to a bank may be difficult. In the case of banks, this is difficult as they are only available on weekdays.

Withdrawal procedure

First of all, I will introduce the procedure for withdrawing money. First, log in to your XM account.


From your home account, click “Choose Options” → Withdraw Funds.

Source : https://my.xmtrading.com/

bank transfer

Click “Withdrawal” for Overseas Bank Transfer in the list of withdrawal methods. In terms of financial institutions in Japan, we cover all major banks such as Jibun Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Seven Bank, Shinsei Bank, Mizuho Bank, Sony Bank, and Rakuten Bank.

Source : https://my.xmtrading.com/

On the next screen, enter the information required for withdrawal. Please enter your personal information carefully. If they do not match completely, the management company will check your application and it will be rejected. To prevent money laundering, you must do it yourself, and it is not possible for your family or friends to handle the payment for you. Weekend processing requests will be processed on Monday.

Source : https://my.xmtrading.com/

Recipient’s first name: Enter in full-width kana

Recipient’s last name: Enter in full-width Kana

Beneficiary full name: Romaji input (same as XM account name)

Recipient’s Address: Input romaji (input from prefecture to house number and room number)

Recipient’s Bank Account Number: Enter only the bank account number

Bank Account Country: Select the receiving country

Bank Account Currency: Select Bank Name: Optional. If not in the list, select “OTHER” SWIFT code: look it up and enter it

Bank Address: Enter the address written in the passbook in romaji

Branch name: the name of the branch

Branch Code: Enter the number of the branch

After sending the request, you can see the payment within a few days.

However, banks cannot be used without a SWIFT code. In the case of Japan, the following banks fall under this category. Some banks do not accept overseas remittances from FX brokers. A typical example is Sony Bank.

Japan Post Bank

Japan Net Bank

seven bank

Mizuho Bank

credit card/debit card

On the screen, click “Withdraw” on the credit card.

Source : https://my.xmtrading.com/

Enter the withdrawal amount, make a request and you’re done.

Source : https://my.xmtrading.com/

For credit card withdrawals, you can only withdraw up to the deposited amount. Also, only VISA and JCB are supported. Therefore, please note that we cannot accept orders such as Diners or American Express. Some card companies may block remittances from XM, so if your payment is rejected, please check with your card company.


Select “Sticpay Wallet” from the withdrawal method list.

Enter the e-mail address registered in Sticpay Wallet and the amount to be withdrawn, and complete the withdrawal request.If you want to withdraw money as soon as possible, STICPAY is the only option. You will not be able to send money unless you create a STICPAY account in advance, so please be prepared. Additionally, the prerequisite is that the STICPAY account holder and the XM account holder are the same.

For online wallets, the funds will be withdrawn immediately. If you are trading, be careful not to take a loss cut. Zero cut will be adopted, but the bonus will be reduced when you withdraw money.

Are there withdrawal refusals?

Next Step

As a next step, you should learn about how to trade.


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