XMTrading: Rules and precautions for transferring funds between accounts. Thorough explanation of transfer methods, procedures, and fees.


xmtrading members can transfer funds between accounts. There is a possibility that the bonus will disappear, so we will also explain the conditions and precautions. XMTrading allows you to freely transfer funds if you have multiple accounts. XMTrading allows you to have up to 8 accounts, so there are probably many people who transfer funds between accounts. When transferring funds between XM accounts, you must be especially careful about losing bonuses.

Is it possible to have multiple accounts?

XM allows you to operate multiple trading accounts, so we recommend it. Please refer to the article below for instructions on how to open an account. It is very convenient because you can create and operate many accounts. Many businesses allow you to open multiple accounts. Please take a look at the information on the page whenever you have time. There is no particular risk for traders.

Transfer funds between accounts

We will explain the method and procedure for transferring funds between XMTrading accounts. Overseas Forex companies always have this function, and member users can move amounts freely by following the rules. You can do this by logging in to My Page from the official website. It is easy to use and the funds are reflected in the target account immediately, so you can invest immediately and feel safe. I’ll explain it with images, so let’s follow how to exchange money and what it entails. If you don’t understand, the support desk will help you.

open my page

You can transfer XM funds at any time from My Page. First, log in to My Page. Officially, you can easily do this with a button. It is also compatible with the app. Reception will be immediate.


Select funds transfer

Select “Fund Transfer” from the menu above My Account.

Source : https://xmtrading.com/

Select the account ID and deposit amount of the transfer destination (funds transfer destination)

When you click “Transfer funds”, the screen “Transfer funds between accounts” will be displayed as shown in the picture above. Enter the “Deposit Account ID” and “Deposit Amount” of the transfer destination. Please note that the minimum deposit amount must be 500 yen or more.

Source : https://xmtrading.com/

send request

After entering the account number and deposit amount to which you want to transfer funds, click “Send Request” at the end. At the same time, you will receive an email from XM titled “Internal Remittance Notice”. This completes the process.

Points to note when transferring funds between accounts

The method for transferring funds between accounts has been explained above, but there are some caveats that come with this. Since we have multiple licenses from the Financial Services Agency, we won’t have any major problems, but there are rules. You may receive a warning if you do not do it in the correct way. Please check.

move the bonus

When you transfer funds between XM accounts, the bonus will be transferred at the same rate. Note that the same proportion of bonuses as the transferred balance will also be transferred.

Only the bonus cannot be moved

When you transfer funds between XM accounts, the bonus will be transferred by the same percentage. However, bonuses cannot be moved alone. Only cash balances can be transferred with XM.

Zero Account / KIWAMI Kiwami Account

If you transfer funds from a standard account or micro account that reflects a bonus to a zero account or a KIWAMI polar account, the bonus in the account from which the funds were transferred will disappear. This is because XM’s zero account and KIWAMI polar account are not originally eligible for the bonus campaign.

XMP does not move

At XM, you earn XM points with every transaction. XM points are only accumulated in the account and are separate from the account bonus. In other words, XM points will not move even if you transfer funds between accounts.

Transferring funds between the same account/activated accounts

Transfer of funds between accounts is only possible between the same account or between activated accounts. XM prohibits the transfer of funds to accounts in the name of others or to accounts that have not been activated.

Transferring funds while holding a position

When transferring funds from an account that has a position, a limit is imposed by the margin maintenance rate. If you want to transfer funds, do so after closing all positions.

Transferring funds between accounts with different base currencies

There is a disadvantage that a fee will be charged when transferring funds between accounts with different base currencies. Normally, there are no fees when transferring funds between accounts with XM. If the source and destination base currencies are different, a 0.3% exchange fee will be incurred.

Open an account for free

You can open an account with XM for free. Please refer to the article below as it is introduced.


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