XM Trading:Beware of Rapidly Increasing Fake Site Scams


XM Trading is a very famous Forex company in the world. Since it is also a popular company, there are many fake sites pretending to be XM. XM has a warning against fake sites. Be careful not to be deceived by fake sites.

XM fake site

XMTrading has said that it has discovered many fake sites pretending to be XM, and it seems that there are many criminals who are actually committing fraudulent activities such as stealing personal information and defrauding people of money. . In Japan, fake sites operated by criminal organizations have the following characteristics: The Financial Services Agency has also issued a warning, so please investigate and decide for yourself. XM is one of the top brokers in the popularity rankings, so many people get scammed.

URL is different

The fake XMTrading site is basically a story, but the URL is different. The existence of the official XMTrading page is as follows. If the URL is any other than that and claims to be XM, there is a high possibility that it is actually spoofing. If you have any doubts or feel suspicious, first take a moment to check the URL. The reason is that many new users click without thinking.

XMTrading Official Site

Collection of personal information

One of the objectives of the criminal group operating the fake website disguised as XM is to collect personal information. These criminal groups often make a living by collecting personal information and selling it to other companies. Companies operating fake sites pretending to be XM will immediately direct you to a fake application form. We will solicit customers by promoting campaigns and bonuses. Please ask support to check it before you access it.

account takeover

Recently, a criminal group operating a fake site pretending to be an XM operating company is distributing emails pretending to be from XM to an unspecified number of people, directing them to a login form. If you don’t have the knowledge, your ID and password will often be stolen. All stolen IDs and passwords will be known to them. To prevent this, you need to create and implement two-step authentication.

request for money

A criminal group operating a fake site pretending to be XM makes a homepage that looks like XM and asks for a large amount of money at the same time as opening an account. In this case, it is 100% certain that it is a crime, so don’t give money. In the first place, XM Trading is free at the time of opening an account, and you do not need to pay any money.

Fake apps also appeared?

In recent years, it seems that there are criminal groups that are developing not only websites that look like XM, but also fake XM apps. The official XM app can only be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play. If you are unsure, you can download the app from the official XM trading page, so please use that.


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