XM Trading: Friend Referral Program


We will explain how to participate in xmtrading’s friend referral program and the conditions for earning cash. If you make a transaction by inviting someone, you will receive a reward. With XMTrading, you can earn rewards by introducing XM to your friends, acquaintances, or an unspecified number of people, and having them open accounts and trade. The appeal of XM is that you can not only earn money through trading, but also through referrals.

friend referral program

The friend referral program is in addition to the account opening bonus, deposit bonus, and loyalty program. Details can be found on the official page below. By inviting others, you can receive rewards and credits. You can trade popular items, so check the information. There are many benefits.


Conditions for participation in the Refer a Friend Program

Only those who meet both conditions can use the friend referral program. In addition to this service, there are also demo accounts, so please check them out on the website. By placing an order, you can actually experience how to place lots, swap points, zero cuts, loss cuts, etc. Please also check the terms of use.

Open real account

You must have a real XMTrading account that has been activated by submitting the required documents. We hold a license from the Financial Services Agency, and personal information is strictly managed. It is also possible to trade on the app, and there are also tools available. There are restrictions on usage in some areas.

3lots or more trading

If you trade 3 lots (3 standard lots) or more of FX currency pairs, gold, or silver, you will receive transaction fees. The condition is that you are dealing directly with each other. You can start earning now.

How the Refer a Friend Program Works

XM’s refer-a-friend program rewards both you and the referred friend for every friend you refer. The paid cash can be used for XM trading as trading margin, or it can be withdrawn and cashed without trading, so it is a benefit that is easier to use than a “bonus” that cannot be withdrawn.

You will be paid $25-$35 in cash depending on the number of people you refer.

In order to be paid, the referred friend must meet all of the following conditions:


Open a standard or micro account. Zero accounts are not eligible.

Deposit of funds

Deposit your own funds into your account. Once you have entered the amount, you will also be able to receive the bonus.

3lots or more trading

Trade 3 lots (3 standard lots) or more of any FX currency pair, gold or silver.

The more you refer, the more you earn

The reward generated by the friend referral program will increase as the number of people introduced increases.

Number of referralsCompensation amount per person
1 to 15 people25$
16-30 people30$
30 or more35$

how to introduce

The procedure to get a referral URL to XM is very easy as there are only 2 steps.

1. Log in to the XM member page

First, from the top of the XM top page, click “Member Login” to log in to the member page.

2. Visit your Refer a Friend Dashboard


After that, you can add the email address of the person you want to introduce from the link destination screen, or you can introduce your friend by sharing the link.

Rewards will be deposited into MyWallet

Every time you earn rewards generated through the friend program and IB, they will be credited to your MyWallet. MyWallet is a feature that was implemented in 2020, and it is a system in which money is deposited into MyWallet every time you earn rewards generated via IB. You can now trade with rewards by depositing money into your MyWallet → trading account.

affiliate program

XM has an affiliate program in addition to friend referrals. XM Affiliate is a system that has existed for a longer time than the friend referral program. The following article introduces how XM Affiliate works.

Friend referral and affiliate comparison

Conditions for remunerationOpening a new account for the referred person
+3lot or more trading
At the time of transaction of the introduced person
unit price of remuneration$25-$35 per referral$3~$10 per 1lot transaction
Withdrawal of rewards
Maximum number of people to introduce××

The main difference between the friend referral program and XM Affiliate is the timing of receiving rewards. In the friend referral program, a reward of $25 to $35 will be paid for each referral when the referred person opens an account, makes a deposit, and trades 3 lots or more. With XM Affiliates, rewards are generated when the referred person makes a transaction, so the rewards will continue to be earned forever.

Which is better, referring a friend or being an affiliate?

Is it better to work on friend referrals or XM affiliate marketing? Affiliates are recommended for this. Affiliates have the advantage of being able to expect permanent income because if they continue doing business with them, they will receive a permanent commission. In the case of friend referrals, it often ends up being a one-off income.


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