XMTrading: Precious Metals Trading and Features Leverage Margin Thorough Explanation


You can also trade precious metals on XMTrading. We will explain how to trade in CFD stocks such as gold and silver. It has features such as calculation and leverage.

Stocks that can be traded for precious metals

You can trade the following instruments on XM Trading. There are differences in minimum lots, maximum lots, and even leverage depending on the symbol. Trading hours are different, so please check carefully before trading.

LeverageMinimum LotsMax LotsTrade Time(Japan Time)
GOLD10000.0150Monday-Thursday: 07:05 – 05:55
Friday: 07:05 – 05:50
SILVER10000.0150Monday-Thursday: 07:05 – 05:55
Friday: 07:05 – 05:50
PALL22145weekday: 06:05 – 4:55
PLAT221100weekday: 06:05 – 4:55


Gold is one of the oldest currencies in human history. It has a long history that goes back over 100 years, making it easy to analyze the market, making it ideal for technical traders. Gold tends to be bought in times of social unrest and war. Gold prices are more likely to fall if society stabilizes, and more likely to rise if social unrest develops.


Silver is a metal traded all over the world because of its large trading volume and high volatility like gold. Silver is in very high demand and is used in electronic semiconductors, dental applications, solar cells, and more. Since gold and silver basically have the same direction, the market tends to move in the same way.


Palladium is a kind of platinum metal and is generally called a rare metal. A staggering 75% of the annual calculated palladium is used in the automotive industry. Russia and South Africa are the first and second producers, and the price is affected by the production system and political situation. Due to Russia’s runaway in recent years, there is a risk that this brand will fluctuate greatly.


Silver is a kind of rare metal, and even rarer than expensive gold. Like palladium, most of the demand for silver is as a catalytic converter. Since the chart of platinum may be linked with other metals, we would like to carefully watch the price divergence. Each year, mines produce only 130 tons of platinum compared to 1700 tons of gold.

Characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of precious metal trading

Currently, there are the following points to keep in mind when trading precious metals. Please be very careful as there are investment risks. Precious metals are like other commodity stocks, opening on Monday and closing on Friday. Leverage is 1000x for gold and silver. There are only a few financial products offered, and gold is the most popular. Please be careful when ordering as there are restrictions on trading hours depending on summer and winter time. There are separate campaigns and bonuses, and these can be used as margin as credits.

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

Precious metal trading can basically only be done on weekdays. In addition, if gold cannot be traded or the chart does not move even during trading hours on weekdays, the market may be closed on a holiday. This includes Christmas and New Year holidays. Check the official page of XM from time to time.

contract month

Please note that the contract size in XM’s futures precious metal CFDs has a fixed expiry date. Please keep in mind the following rules regarding palladium and silver. Determined based on the following:

contract month

By the way, after accessing the official website, check the calendar from the upper menu “Trading” → “Precious metals” for the maturity date.

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Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/
Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

swap point

Swap points occur for gold and silver. Investors can also check the swap points on the official page of the operating company as above. The impact on short-term contracts is small, and of course it can be made positive by making full use of the stock.

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Spreads vary depending on the brand and account type. You can check this on the official page, but please refer to the table below. Also, XMTrading’s precious metal spreads are not that narrow compared to other companies, so it is not very suitable for scalping trades. The table below shows the minimum spread. Zero accounts have the narrowest spreads in the industry. Trading can be done on a computer or smartphone.

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high volatility

Especially when it comes to gold, it tends to be very volatile. Among the commodities and currency pairs that can be traded, gold is notorious for its volatility. Too many lots can lead to unexpected losses. Especially when big economic indicators or political events occur, it is necessary to cut losses early.


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