XMTrading: Virtual Currency Deposit Method Causes and Recommended Solutions


Bank transfer and credit card are famous deposit methods at XMTrading. However, it is an FX company that allows you to trade virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Ripple in all trading accounts. Therefore, many users would like to deposit money with virtual currency. I’ll show you how to deal with it.

Is it possible to deposit virtual currency?

In conclusion, you can not deposit virtual currency. It can be said that it is the main deposit method for cryptocurrency exchanges, but XM Trading does not allow this deposit method. Instead, although the procedure is a little troublesome, it is possible to deposit with an online wallet. Please refer to the article below for information on how to deposit with XM.

There are many ways to deposit

As mentioned in the article above, there are many ways to deposit money. We also support credit cards (VISA, JCB), debit cards, domestic bank transfers, international transfers, stick pay, bitwallet, and bxone, which is a great advantage and convenience. All deposit balances will be reflected in your wallet and can be used by moving them to the respective designated account numbers. Please note that transfer fees may apply depending on the brand. Transfers from financial institutions and banks (online banking) are disadvantageous because they are processed on weekdays and are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

There are many financial products available

There are many financial products available. There are also currency pairs, precious metals, energy, cryptocurrencies, and stock indices. If you want to start trading right away, we highly recommend using a VISA card or JCB card, as payments can be made instantly through a payment agency. Also recommended is an online wallet. You can make a complete payment with the touch of a button on the official website. Please note that credit cards have limits and may require identity verification.

There are points and campaigns.

XMTrading recently has bonuses, campaigns, and even loyalty points. Traders can also include these as credits and use them as margin for investment right away. It also has a Seychelles Financial Services Agency license, so it is very safe.

What kind of online wallets are there?

Online wallets are one of the methods available for depositing into XMTrading. Among them, there is a deposit method called Sticpay. Before using each service for the first time, you will be required to verify your identity and obtain an online wallet account. It is for virtual currency enthusiasts as it handles Bitcoin etc.


Stickpay is an online wallet service based in the UK. It is possible to issue a stick pay card and use it for shopping. To deposit to XM with Stickpay, you need to open a Stickpay account and deposit in advance. If you do not have a Sticpay account, please open one first.


How STICPAY Deposits Work

Stickpay will withdraw the deposit amount from your Stickpay account at the same time as you apply for deposit to XM. Therefore, you must first have money in your Stickpay account in order to make a deposit. Sticpay deposit methods include bank wire, credit/debit card and virtual currency. For those who usually deposit with virtual currency, the flow will be to deposit virtual currency to your Stickpay account and then transfer to your XM trading account.

Payment from anyone other than yourself is not possible

Since XM has anti-money laundering measures, it is a bottleneck that deposits other than those made by the person themselves will be rejected. Deposits to XM can only be made with a Stickpay account registered under the same name as the XM account. Please note that the deposit will be refused if it is even slightly different from the name registered with XM.

Withdraw profit

At XM, profits must be withdrawn by bank transfer. This is because XM has a rule that “the deposit method and the withdrawal method are unified”. To withdraw to your STICPAY account, you will have to withdraw “up to the deposit amount to STICPAY” and “profit to your bank account” separately. Therefore, it is a troublesome process, so be careful.

deposit fee

XM has no deposit fees. However, a fee will be charged when depositing to your Stickpay account. The problem is that virtual currency deposits take 1%, credit cards take 3%, and bank transfers take around 2%. There is no upper limit on fees, so the higher the deposit amount, the higher the fees.

Receipt reflection time

Deposits from Sticpay account to XM can be deposited 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will be reflected immediately. Stickpay is highly recommended if you want to deposit quickly.

Minimum deposit amount and maximum deposit amount

The minimum deposit amount to XM is 500 yen/time, and the depositable amount is 800,000 yen/time.


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