XM Trading: A must-see for beginners MT4 tutorial video to learn for free


Many people who want to start Forex or want to learn may not know how to learn in the first place. The XM website has a lot of content for beginners. MT4 tutorial videos are especially recommended for traders who are just starting Forex. In this video, you can study not only the basic usage and operation method of MT4, but also the basics of Forex.

MT4 Tutorial Video

XM’s MT4 tutorial videos have the following features:

There are 26 videos that provide ample introductory explanations.

There are videos and webinars, but none are as comprehensive as XM. Therefore it is very popular.

Videos are organized and easy to watch

The videos are roughly 1 to 3 minutes long, so you can easily watch them in your free time. It’s neither too long nor too short, so you can enjoy the video without getting bored.

It is very easy to understand by actually using the screen of MT4

The good thing about XM’s MT4 tutorial video is that it explains how to operate MT4 while actually moving it.

Learn the basics of trading

It is highly recommended for beginners because you can learn the essential knowledge of actual trading in this video.

How to view MT4 tutorial videos

Now let me explain where the actual tutorial video is. First, access the top page of XM and follow “Learn FX” → “Platform Tutorial” at the top.

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

In the case of the English version, the screen will look like the one below. Select “Trading Tool” → “Platform Tutorials”.

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

When you move the screen, there are 26 embedded videos, and you can enjoy Japanese and English tutorial videos.

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

Introduction of all contents

The contents are as follows. Please take a look if there is content you are interested in

  • How to open a trading account
  • MT4 download and login
  • Market Watch – Standard Account
  • Market Watch – Micro Account
  • Chart screen basics
  • Terminal window basics Part 1
  • Terminal window basics Part 2
  • Navigator window basics
  • Order placement in MT4
  • Account history, closed transactions
  • Market Watch Details
  • MT4 chart management
  • Chart display properties
  • indicators and scripts
  • Chart group display settings in MT4
  • Charting in MT4
  • Terminal window details
  • How to install an Expert Advisor
  • Validation of Expert Advisors
  • Customize your MT4 platform
  • Understanding pre-orders
  • Placing a pending order on MT4
  • XM Webtrader terminal
  • Trading stop in MT4
  • Stop loss and take profit
  •  MQL5 – trading signals


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