XMTrading: What to do if you forget your password How to issue it when logging in


If you are an XM member and forget your password when logging in to your mt4 or account, you will have no choice but to reissue it from the page, so we will explain the procedure on screen. Reissuing will take less than 5 minutes. It’s not good to forget your password, but it’s too early to give up just because you can’t set it. Let’s reissue your password.

Password reissue

If you have forgotten your MT4/MT5 password, you can reset your password from the login page. Click “Forgot your password?” on the login screen. You can issue a new password. There are no particular risks, so don’t worry. If you are unsure, please contact support. It will teach you how to use it in detail even if it takes some time.

Source : https://xmtrading.com/
Source : https://xmtrading.com/

You will then be presented with a form to submit your password reset link. Enter “MT4/MT5 ID” and “Email Address” and click “Send”.

Source : https://xmtrading.com/

An email with a password reset link will be sent to the email you registered. Click “Click here” in the email to jump to the password reset page. Let’s reset your password. It is also written in the FAQ on the official website. If you have any questions, please contact support via live chat and ask your questions. This setting provides a new password and enables it. It can be operated using either an app or a computer program.

Is XMTrading a safe company?

XMTrading has obtained licenses from the overseas Financial Services Agency of each country, so you can rest assured that your personal information is completely protected. It has been in operation for over 10 years. You can also check this from the menu on the official website. Make the most of your new bonuses and funds with plenty of campaigns and bonuses. There are many products and many types of indicators.

What if I forget my login ID?

If you have forgotten your XM login ID, you can check it if you have the following: Traders can check each category by email. These emails contain your ID and password, so this is the solution.

  • Email received when opening an account
  • Payment completion email received from XM
  • Transfer history to XM account
  • MT4/MT5 login information

Since the login ID is described in past e-mails and payment history, you can check if the e-mail remains.

If you don’t have an email or history and you still don’t know your login ID, contact support@xmtrading.com and ask them to tell you.

What to do if you forget your demo account password

If you forget your XM demo account password, you cannot reset it yourself like you can with a real account. If you forgot the password for the demo account you opened with XM, please check the email you received when you opened it. The demo account ID and password are included in the email you received when you opened the xm demo account.

If you have deleted the email, please contact support@xmtrading.com and let them know.

How many digits is your XM password?

Set your XM password with 6 or more digits. Also, you must use at least two of the following types: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. The password for mt4 and mt5 is the same as the password you set when opening a real account with XM. This information is very important, so please manage it so you don’t lose it.


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