XM Trading:Characteristics and countermeasures of people who have ended their lives in Forex


Some people are actually winning in forex and some are losing. Keywords such as “stop” or “life is over” often come up when you search on Forex. Therefore, it is true that many people think that FX itself is scary, but in fact, countermeasures can be taken.

Characteristics of people who ended their lives in FX

Many people with the following characteristics are likely to end their lives in Forex. Conversely, by avoiding these risks, it is also easy to avoid the end of life. If you think about how to do FX, life can never end.

Instigated by an influencer

In many cases, people who are tempted by influencers such as SNS and Youtube and spend a large amount of money for the first time in Forex without thinking about it all disappear. This is a pattern of being truly influenced by others, but many influencers are doing communication activities as a business. Therefore, there are many people who are deceived by saying that they can easily win even forex that they cannot win immediately.

big money investment

In the first place, Forex is not something that beginners can start suddenly and win. Despite this, the pattern of using all savings in FX and losing all money is common. These people are very gambling-oriented. FX can’t win suddenly in the first place. It’s not that easy for most people to finally be able to win after a few years.

don’t cut losses

Not cutting losses in FX is a bankruptcy course decision. This is common among beginners, but when there is an unrealized profit, they want to settle immediately, and when they have an unrealized loss, for some reason they try to endure without cutting the loss. This will definitely go bankrupt. When making an entry, it is an iron rule to decide in advance where to enter, where to take profits, and where to cut losses. Also, those who do not cut losses endure and invest additional funds, but this is also a mistake.

put money in next

For example, let’s say you used 1 million yen as an initial investment and melted it all. Normally you would reconsider at this point, but people who get their blood pumping will spend another million here. Then melt it and do the same thing again. In the end, you will lose all your savings. If you get emotional, this kind of trading will definitely lose all your money.

get in the mood

If you are a beginner, you will get carried away if you suddenly win. The starting point is to increase the lot or increase the number of balls. If you do this, you will make a lot of money if you go forward, but if you go retrograde, the whole amount will disappear immediately. If you’re a beginner, you can’t control your emotions, so you’ll soon be influenced by your emotions.

ignorant of reality

Many people do not know the reality of Forex as a characteristic of people who end their lives in Forex. People who can win always win 100% of the time, or overconfidence that I can definitely win. But the reality is not sweet. Forex takes years to become successful. Until then, it’s normal to keep losing in the first place.

automated trading

Automatic trading requires neither technique nor experience, but most of them are scammers’ field. 99.9% of automated trading systems fail. Because it is low return and high risk. Even if the win rate exceeds 99%, all the money will fly away with the remaining 1%. A single trend can be fatal.

What to do to keep life from ending

Most people who act like this end their lives. You will most likely lose money. Here are some things you can do to keep your life from ending:

small investment

First of all, FX cannot win suddenly. Therefore, you should do it on the assumption that the money you put in will melt. Start with around 30,000 yen or 50,000 yen. If you can really win, this should be 100,000 yen, 1 million yen. Until then, only small investments should be made.

practice for a few years

Forex is not something that beginners can win all of a sudden. So keep practicing for years. This can be a demo trade as well. And let’s have a serious match after becoming a total plus for the year. You should probably win. Annual total plus cannot be achieved by fluke.

do not pick up

Picking up is a case that people who go bankrupt tend to do. Take one position. At least, it’s foolish to increase the number of positions until you get used to it. Make sure you don’t do it.

emotional control

Forex fills you with euphoria when you win, and despair when you lose. But a truly successful trader is not swayed by emotion. It’s better to just practice until you can control your emotions to some extent. If you can’t control it, even if you win a little bit, you’ll get carried away and lose big, and if you lose a little bit, you’ll be too depressed to trade.

Start with a small investment

As mentioned above, FX can stabilize your life with one method, and you can also end it. We recommend that you start by practicing with a small investment. If you invest a small amount, there is almost no financial burden. XM allows high leverage trading, so you can start trading even with a small amount.


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