XMTrading: When will the deposit bonus be reset? Resurrection timing conditions


XMTrading’s deposit bonus can be reset and revived even if it is used up, and we will explain the conditions and timing. This section explains when a reset occurs and the conditions under which the reset is applied. XM bonuses are reset irregularly. If you don’t know this, you may be at a loss.

About XM bonus campaign

There are many bonuses and campaigns in the XM operation. It is very convenient because you will receive a bonus when you open an account and make a deposit. Please refer to the article below as it is introduced. There are always a number of bonuses and campaigns that are highly popular, so we recommend them. Check out the information on the official website. Limited-time bonuses are also held, and investment traders can effectively utilize the bonuses they earn. We also have frequently asked questions, so please feel free to ask support.

What are the account types of XMTrading?

XMTrading has four account types: “Standard Account,” “Micro Account,” “KIWAMI Koku Account,” and “Zero Account.” Please note that there is no bonus for zero accounts and KIWAMI accounts. As a risk, if you trade across days, swap points will be given in principle, so it may become positive or negative. Details can be found in the guide on the official website.

Account typeStandard accountmicro accountKIWAMI pole accountzero account
Maximum leverage1,000 times1,000 times1,000 times500 times
Minimum deposit amount$5$5$5$5
BonusNew account opening bonus deposit bonus
trading bonus
New account opening bonus
deposit bonus
trading bonus
New account opening bonusNew account opening bonus
Amount of currency in 1 lot100,000 currency1,000 currencies100,000 currency100,000 currency
Minimum order quantity0.01 lotMT4: 0.01 lot (10 currencies)
MT5: 0.1 lot (100 currencies)
0.01 lot0.01 lot
Maximum number of orders50 lots100 lots50 lots50 lots
Number of stocks handled[FX/currency pair] 57 stocks [FX/precious metals] 4 stocks [CFD/stock index] 30 stocks [CFD/Commodity] [CFD/Energy] 5 stocksSame as leftSame as leftSame as left
transaction feefreefreefree$5 each way

Bonus resets irregularly

The bonus is reset about four times a year. At XM, if you use the bonus, you can double your funds, so you can earn even less money. Use bonuses, especially if you are new to Forex or have little money. Everyone who makes money in Forex makes good use of their bonuses. Keep in mind when XM bonuses reset so that you can earn money. The reset times are early March to early April, early July to early August, early September to early October, and early November to early December.

Bonus reset is “100% deposit bonus”

At XM, you can receive three types of bonuses. Only the “100% deposit bonus” will have the bonus reset. Account opening bonus and 20% deposit bonus will not be reinstated. The upper limit that can be granted is fixed, and the maximum amount that can be additionally provided is determined regardless of the margin. In addition to these, there are also limited time bonuses.

Bonus typePrivilegecontent
account opening bonus3,000 yenYou can open a new account
100% deposit bonusup to $500Get 100% of the deposit amount
20% deposit bonusUp to $4500Get 20% of the deposit amount

Cases where the bonus is reset

There are two cases in which bonuses are reset: for all users and for specific users. Since the criteria and conditions for bonus reset are not clearly stated, the only way to check is whether your bonus has been restored. If you have run out of tickets, please take some time to log in to the official website and take a look.

Bonus reset confirmation method

Source : https://xmtrading.com/

When you log in and the above screen appears, you are eligible for the bonus. Deposit now and get your bonus. Those who have not opened an account will always receive a 100% bonus. Combined with the account opening bonus of 3,000 yen, you can secure enough trading funds.

Tendency of people who do not reset bonuses

Below are possible causes and reasons why your XM bonus will not be reset. All operating companies’ official terms of use are implemented, and overseas FX companies such as exness, axiory, and bigboss have similar rules. Since it is automatically determined, there are limitations.

Non-bonus account

If you only have accounts that are not eligible for deposit bonuses, the bonus will of course not be reset. Zero accounts, KIWAMI Kiwami accounts, etc. are exactly that. Benefits vary depending on your desired account type. In line with this, there are also limited-time campaigns for standard accounts and micro accounts.

didn’t receive my deposit bonus

XM’s full bonus reset for specific customers tends to be targeted at those who have received the full amount of their regular deposit bonus. There are also no deposit bonuses on demo accounts.

You have made prohibited transactions in the past

Members may not be selected for bonus reset if they engage in acts or illegal transactions prohibited by XM. Currently, if you engage in arbitrage, malicious double trading, or trades aimed at delayed rates, your account may be frozen. There are many, many examples.


People who make regular profits from trading tend not to reset. If you are making a profit, there is no need to worry about the special bonus amount in the first place. There is no need to receive it again as it will not be used up.

gambling trade

Do not engage in gambling trades such as high leverage. XM allows you to trade with a maximum leverage of 1000 times, but it is a problem for XM. This is because XM is designed to compensate for the loss if the loss exceeds the account balance in high leverage trading.


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