XM Trading: Can bundle cards be used for deposits?


Bundle cards are common in modern society. Can I deposit with this card at XM Trading? Many people are worried about it, so this time I wrote an article about whether XM handles this bundle card.

Can’t deposit to XM with a bundle card?

By charging the bundle card in advance, you can use the information in the same way as VISA categories such as credit cards and debit cards. When depositing to XM with a bundle card, it will be treated the same as a VISA credit card, so the conditions for withdrawing profits such as fees and deposit/withdrawal limits are also the same. I hope you find this article helpful when using bundle cards online. Many traders use it.

XM deposit methods and procedures

Please click on the article below and refer to it for information on how to deposit money into your XM wallet, detailed steps, and rules to get started. The explanations are easy to read on the screen. If you have any questions, please visit the official website’s operational support page and include your account number. We will give you advice on how to do it and what to do.

What is a bundle card?

A bundle card is a VISA prepaid card. You can shop as much as you charge. There is no screening or age limit, so even those who do not have credit can easily obtain it. It can be issued as a card, but it is common to install it on a smartphone and use it as an app. A bundle card is a VISA card that is attracting attention for its ease of issuance in as little as one minute. There is no screening, age limit, or submission of identity verification documents. VISA cards are gaining popularity because anyone can easily issue them, there are no fees, and VISA cards can be issued very quickly. There are two types of bundle cards.

virtual card

The virtual card uses a smartphone app. It is also called a “virtual card” because it is a VISA card that does not have a physical body. You can use it immediately after registering an account in the app. The card is very easy to use and you can start using it right away.

real card

It is also possible to issue a bundle card as a plastic card like a normal VISA card. Bundle cards issued with plastic cards are called real cards. Real cards do not require identity verification. It is a card that can be used across countries, so it is very popular.

Bundle card features

Bundle cards have the following benefits and features: Nowadays, more and more people are knowledgeable about it as it has become widely available. It is convenient, but please understand it before using it.

no age limit

Bundle cards do not have usage screening or age restrictions like credit cards. Therefore, junior high and high school students who cannot have a credit card can easily have a Visa card with the consent of their parents.

charge and use

Although the bundle card is a Visa card, it is not a credit card but a prepaid card, so when paying, charge the card in advance and make a payment. You can also check the amount in the app, so you don’t have to spend too much money.

Charge with a click

As a special function of the bundle card, there is something called “Pochitto charge”. This is a function that allows you to pay the charged money later.

Can be used at brick-and-mortar stores at Visa affiliated stores

Bundle cards can be used at any store that accepts Visa. It can be used in both physical stores and online shopping.

Forex companies that handle bundle cards

There are few FX companies that can use bundle cards. Currently, it is not available in most forex brokers. XM Trading, GEMFOREX, TitanFX and iFOREX handle it, but there are the following risks.

in Japan’s case

The Japanese Financial Services Agency is known to be one of the most regulated institutions in the world. Many credit card companies are refusing payment in accordance with guidance from the Japanese Financial Services Agency. There is nothing that the user can do because it depends on compliance measures and legal measures of financial institutions and credit companies.

Contact the card company

If you use a bundle card when depositing to XM, the card company may block it without permission. This is the same for credit cards. In this case, it is necessary to call the card company and have them cancel the refusal, which is a bit of a hassle.

Bundle card application

You can apply for a bundle card below. First, download the “Bundle Card”.First, select New Registration.

App Store

Google Play

Next, enter your phone number and select [OK] to proceed with SMS authentication. An SMS will be sent to the phone number you entered, and you will enter the verification number into the app. Then, enter your user ID and password, and register your date of birth, gender, and address to be issued. You can start using it immediately after charging it.


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