TradersTrust: TTCM deposit method and fee explanation


We will thoroughly explain the deposit methods and fees of TradersTrust (TTCM). At TradersTrust, deposits and withdrawals are made through a wallet account, which is a dedicated fund management account that is different from a trading account. This is created when you open an account, so don’t worry, you won’t need to go through any special procedures when making a deposit.

What is a wallet account? Functions and features

When opening a TTCM account, I created a wallet account. TradersTrust has an account called a wallet account that is dedicated to managing funds, and the system is to transfer money from this account to each account number. The funds in your wallet account are not used as margin, so there is no risk even if you lose a trade and your balance becomes zero. I will explain with images how to transfer and confirm funds from your wallet account. You can transfer funds by clicking “Fund Management” from the left menu on the member page.

By moving funds from the source wallet account to the trading account from this screen, the margin will be reflected in the trading account, reflected in the balance, and you can trade. When withdrawing money, do the opposite.

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TradersTrust deposit methods and fee list

We have compiled a comparison list of TradersTrust deposit methods. Bank transfers are only in Japanese yen (JPY) and can only be made on business days, so it may take up to 3 days on weekdays. In the case of bitwallet, credit card, debit card, and even virtual currency, it will be reflected instantly. These are compatible with Japanese yen, dollar (USD), and euro (EUR), and virtual currencies are compatible with BTC and USDT. The maximum deposit amount and upper limit are unlimited, which is a benefit as the restrictions are quite lenient compared to overseas Forex brokers.

Min DepositMax DepositCommissionCurrencyReflect
Bank Transfer5000yenUnlimitedFreeJPY~3 days
bitwallet5000yenUnlimitedFreeJPY,USD,EUR~10 minutes
Credit/Debit Card5000yenUnlimitedFreeJPY USD EUR~10 minutes
Crypto5000yenUnlimitedFreeBTC USDT~10 minutes

TradersTrust fees are basically free, but there may be charges depending on where you use the service. Bank transfers may incur bank fees, and virtual currencies may incur network usage fees. To make a deposit, please select Deposit from the left menu on My Page on the homepage.

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Various deposit methods will be displayed, so choose your favorite method and make your deposit. Recommendations are instantly reflected in credit cards and virtual currencies.

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Credit card/debit card deposit

Credit/debit card payments can be made using VISA, JCB, and MasterCard. The deposit application screen was displayed. Please enter/select “Account”, “Amount” and “Account Currency” and press “Send”. You will automatically jump to the card payment screen. Enter your billing information and card payment information. Complete your transaction by entering your card brand, card number, expiration date, and CVV code (the 3-4 digit number written on the back of your credit card, to the right of the signature area).

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bank transfer

In the case of bank transfer, we only accept payments from within Japan, so we only accept Japanese yen. We do not make international remittances. TradersTrust cannot register financial institutions that do not have a SWIFT code. Please note that the bank account must have the same name as your TradersTrust trading account. The bank account information of the domestic remittance destination will be displayed, so please make the transfer from the bank account with the same name as the TradersTrust MT4 account name. Available only on business days. It takes time to invest.

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bitwallet deposit method

Bitwallet deposits are possible. You will need to prepare a bitwallet account in advance, so please complete the process until you obtain the account. Enter “Account,” “Deposit Amount,” and “Account Currency” and click “Submit.” Jump to mybitwallet screen.

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Enter your email address and password, check the checkbox, and click Login. If you do not have one, please register. Log in and confirm to complete the transfer.

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Virtual currency deposit

Bitcoin (BTC) and USDT are supported for virtual currency deposits. Enter “Account,” “Deposit Amount,” and “Account Currency” and click “Submit.” Jump to the Bitcoin deposit screen. A QR code for deposit will be displayed, so please activate your Bitcoin wallet and read the QR code. Copy and paste this address to the exchange where you want to send money and send the money.

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Causes and solutions when you cannot deposit money

If there is a reason why you are unable to make a deposit, we have summarized an overview of frequently asked questions below as a customer guide. I hope you find this helpful. If you have any questions, please contact support for details. If this is your first time, please check the terms of use and rules on the official website.

Private cards cannot be used

As a condition, we only process credit and debit cards such as VISA, JCB and MasterCard. AMEX, Diners, etc. are not supported, and prepaid cards cannot be used.

Card limit exceeded

If you request an amount that exceeds the card limit for the applicable card, you will not be able to deposit the money. There is also a possibility that the card company providing the payment has blocked the payment and the payment has been declined. Please contact your credit card company first.

Card has expired

Expired credit and debit cards cannot be used. In that case, please purchase a different card and complete the procedure.

What if the names are different?

To prevent money laundering, TTCM will refuse the deposit if the registered account holder is different from the bank account or credit card holder. The purpose is to prevent the circulation of illicit funds, so strict compliance is required when making deposits.

Copy and paste error in remittance address

There was a situation where virtual currency deposits could not be made due to a copy/paste mistake in the remittance address. In this case, you may lose all your funds. Please contact the virtual currency exchange from which you sent the money.


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