TradersTrust: Thorough explanation of TTCM’s account opening bonus, deposit bonus, and cushion functions


We provide a summary of the terms and conditions for TradersTrust (TTCM) account opening bonuses, deposit bonuses, campaigns, cashbacks, loyalty bonuses, and cushion functions. TradersTrust offers a variety of benefits and services that are extremely convenient for traders. I will explain each one.

TradersTrust basic information, company information

TTCM TRADERS CAPITAL LIMITED, the operating company of TradersTrust, was established in 2009. The company is headquartered in Cyprus and is regulated as it has obtained a financial license from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which is difficult to obtain. Other locations, including Asia, were established in 2018 and are located in Bermuda, but do not hold financial licenses. As a vendor, the terms and conditions of transactions are very detailed, and the support content is 100% solid.

Operation CompamyTTCM Traders Trust Capital Markets Limited
Address3 Thalia Street, Office Number 310-318,
3rd Floor, 3011, Limassol, Cyprus

Holding a financial license

TTCM Traders Trust Capital Markets Limited, currently the headquarters of TradersTrust, is licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). On the other hand, TTCM TRADERS CAPITAL LIMITED, which is based in Asia and other regions, is based in Bermuda and does not hold a financial license. The Bermuda branch is regularly audited quarterly by global auditing firms PWC and Deloitte Tohmatsu.

Separate management and no trust protection

TradersTrust is segregated only. Separate management ensures that company funds and customer assets are managed separately. Therefore, even if the company goes bankrupt, the customer’s funds will not be used. There is no problem because you will not have to worry more than necessary. If you have time, check out the homepage as needed.

Distribution of registered users

According to TradersUnion, a review site for major overseas FX companies, an overview of the country distribution of TradersTrust’s registered users shows that Japan has the highest ratio and is an important customer. In addition, we can see that there are more users in Brazil, Cyprus, and even Central and South America than elsewhere.

Source : TradersUnion

TradersTrust New Account Opening Bonus

TradersTrust provides bonuses to users who open new accounts. The latest information is that the bonus can only be used on account opening bonus accounts, and you must open a live latest promotion account. The terms and conditions for the account opening bonus are as follows.

Bonus amount20,000 Yen
Target audienceOpening an account for the first time
Target account typepromotional account
bonus withdrawal×
Withdrawal of profits
date of expiry90 days

Trading 10 lots or more within 90 days

Within 90 days, traders must start trading 10 or more lots round trip on currency pairs etc. The bonus is valid for 90 days including Saturdays and Sundays, after which all bonus amounts will be deleted. Therefore, traders cannot withdraw money unless they make a profit of 10 lots or more within 90 days.

The upper limit of profits that can be withdrawn is 20,000 yen

The upper limit of profits that can be withdrawn is 20,000 yen. This bonus is only available for a limited time and is always available. Also note that locking, scaling, and proprietary grids as investment and trading methods are prohibited by the terms of use. Doing this is a risk as you will not be eligible for the bonus.

Only once per person

The account opening bonus is for those opening an account for the first time. In other words, it will not be earned from the second time onwards. Therefore, the same person cannot receive bonuses multiple times. You can only receive it once.

Procedures for receiving account opening bonus

After the account is activated, the following account opening bonus application form page will appear and you will need to enter the details. Access the official website and fill out the account opening bonus application form after opening an account. Once the review is complete, it will be automatically reflected in your “Credit” so please check it.

Source :

20% regular deposit bonus

The 20% regular deposit bonus is a bonus that is given every time you make a deposit after opening an account. This is always held and applies to classic and professional trading accounts. This is a luxurious bonus where you can receive more than 1 million yen.

Bonus amount1.1 million yen
Target audienceGranted for deposits of 50,000 yen or more
Target account typeClassic account, professional account
bonus withdrawal×
Withdrawal of profits
date of expiry90 days

Bonus extinguishment conditions

According to the terms and conditions, the bonus does not have a cushion function, so if you lose more than the deposit amount, the bonus will disappear. Furthermore, if the validity period of 90 days has passed or if you withdraw all the balance within the validity period, it will also be canceled. Also, the bonus itself cannot be withdrawn.

Steps to receive deposit bonus

The procedure for receiving a deposit bonus is to log in and deposit into your wallet account, and if you deposit 50,000 yen or more into the target account, 20% of the deposit amount will be automatically reflected. The bonus will be reflected in your trading account within 30 minutes. You can apply as many times as you like and receive up to a maximum of 1.1 million yen.

VIP cashback

VIP Cashback is always available at Cashback. The biggest appeal of VIP cashback is that you can receive it anytime. It is a highly recommended bonus as it is given without limit.

Bonus amountunlimited
Target audienceall users
Target account typeClassic account, professional account
bonus withdrawal
Withdrawal of profits
date of expirynone

Receiving procedure

To receive the reward, first select a classic or professional trading account, open it, make a deposit, and trade at least 10 lots in a day. There are no procedures required, and if you trade 10 lots or more, you will receive cashback automatically.

per 10 lots traded per day

The target audience for the program is all users. Cashback rewards are given on a daily basis based on the daily trading volume. The amount of cashback you receive depends on the number of lots you trade in a day and the account type you trade with. If this applies to you, you can receive unlimited amounts every day, so we recommend it.


100% loyalty bonus

100% Loyalty Bonus is one of the deposit bonuses. 100% Loyalty Bonus does not have a cushion feature. You cannot continue trading with credit alone, so please pay close attention to managing your margin balance.

Bonus amount10 million yen
Target audienceGranted for deposits of 50,000 yen or more
Target account typeClassic account, professional account
bonus withdrawal×
Withdrawal of profits
date of expiry90 days

Granted for deposits of 50,000 yen or more

The procedure is to complete identity verification and open a target account (classic account, professional account). Furthermore, it will be granted for deposits of 50,000 yen or more, so there is no need for the user to do anything. The amount will be reflected by depositing 50,000 yen or more into the wallet account and from there into the target account.

No cushion function

100% Loyalty Bonus has no cushion function. If you lose more than the deposited amount, the bonus will disappear. The bonus will expire after the expiration date of 90 days. If you withdraw all your balance, the bonus will disappear.

TradersTrust Free VPS Service

TradersTrust has a free VPS service. If you meet the conditions, you can use Beek’s VPS service (virtual server), which is highly recognized worldwide, for free. It is always held free of charge for VPS usage.

Target audienceEveryone
Target accountall
conditionsMeet monthly balances and transaction volumes

way to participate

Customers can apply for their desired plan using the link below. The review will begin by submitting an application to or VPS service conditions must meet monthly balance and transaction volume. The conditions are listed below. If the usage conditions are met, the subscription fee will be paid to the operating account by the 15th of the following month.


CreditTrade Volume per Month

TradersTrust Bonus Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some frequently asked questions regarding TradersTrust bonuses, so we hope you find them helpful. Even among brokers, the conditions are relatively strict.

Can I withdraw money from my promotional account?

Withdrawals are possible subject to conditions. A certain amount of trading is required in order to make a withdrawal. The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn. You can withdraw up to 20,000 yen.

What are the bonus withdrawal conditions?

The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn. However, with cashback, you will receive points for each transaction and can withdraw the money immediately as cash.

What happens to the bonus when I withdraw or transfer funds?

Account opening bonuses cannot be used to transfer funds, including bonuses. In the case of a deposit bonus, it is possible to withdraw or transfer funds without losing the bonus. If you withdraw all your balance while holding a bonus, all bonuses will be forfeited.

What is the leverage of the account opening bonus?

The maximum leverage for account opening bonus is 100x. For classic and VIP accounts, the maximum leverage is 3000x.

Are there leverage limits?

TradersTrust leverage is limited according to the number of lots in your open position. Let’s check the lot with the platform’s MT4 tool. Common for foreign exchange, stock index, energy, and precious metals.

LotsMax Leverage
 0 – 13000
 1,01 – 52000
 5,01 – 101000
 10,01 – 20500
 20,01 – 50200
 50,01 – 100100
 100,01 – 30050
 300,01 – 50033
 500,01 以上25


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