Land-FX: Land FX deposit method and bonus reflection time, fee explanation

Once you open an account with Land-FX (Land Prime), you will receive deposits and bonuses, so we will explain the procedures and methods for trading, such as fees and reflection time. This broker accepts credit cards, online wallets, and even bank transfers, so it supports a variety of deposit methods.

easyMarkets: Deposit methods and deposit bonuses

easyMarkets has a large number of users and supports many deposit methods. It can be said to be a very convenient broker as it mainly supports three types of deposit methods: credit card, bank transfer, and even online wallet.

Exness: deposit method and procedure Reasons why deposits cannot be reflected in FX Thorough explanation

This article explains the deposit methods (bank transfer, credit card, online wallet), types, and procedures for Exness transactions. There are so many ways to deposit money into your account, so this is a FX company that is recommended even for beginners. At Exness, there are no deposit fees and there is no upper limit on the maximum deposit amount.

XM Trading: Deposit into account Rakuten Card and Rakuten Bank are recommended

At XMTrading, you can make bank transfers and online transfers from Rakuten Bank and Visa brand Rakuten cards in your account, which I will explain in this article. Depositing money with Rakuten Bank has various benefits, so we highly recommend it to users. So what are the benefits? I tried to summarize it in an article.

XMTrading: How to deposit money into your account Debit, MasterCard, American Express, Diners

When you start trading with XM, you have to make a deposit by credit card or bank transfer. For those who want to know about XM deposits and withdrawals, we have articles about credit cards and debit cards that are eligible for deposits.