Exness:Is it prohibited to use both sides? Possible? FX trading notes and explanations

At exness, we will explain in this article whether double-sided trading is possible, prohibited, or restricted, and the precautions and rules. Many Forex companies often prohibit the trading format called double-denominated trading. But what exactly is going on with Exness? Exness is a company that has few restrictions among FX companies and has a very high degree of freedom. It also mentions things that are prohibited.

Exness:Exness FX Leverage Unlimited and Restricted Leverage Regulations and Condition Rules Thorough Explanation

At Exness, you can trade with unlimited leverage and a loss cut level of 0%, so we will explain how to do so in this article. Certain conditions are required to satisfy unlimited leverage. We have summarized the specific conditions and restrictions in an article. In addition to its high leverage, Exness has received high praise for its spread and execution power.

Exness: How to choose an account type and start trading

After opening an Exness account, you must open a trading account. Select your account type and start trading. Here are the steps. Beginners are often unfamiliar with it, so please refer to it.

Exness: Reputation and reviews of Exness Advantages and Disadvantages Evaluation and safety of overseas Forex companies

We will explain the reviews, reputation, leverage, advantages and disadvantages of using the FX broker Exness. It is a very popular FX company in the world. It is a company that is active in not only foreign exchange but also virtual currency trading, and has a large number of users. We will introduce the safety and reliability of Exness as a company. Traders may also be concerned about whether or not they have a financial license.

Exness: deposit method and procedure Reasons why deposits cannot be reflected in FX Thorough explanation

This article explains the deposit methods (bank transfer, credit card, online wallet), types, and procedures for Exness transactions. There are so many ways to deposit money into your account, so this is a FX company that is recommended even for beginners. At Exness, there are no deposit fees and there is no upper limit on the maximum deposit amount.

XMTrading:Currency unit and lot Minimum and maximum number of positions pips Required margin calculation method

This article explains how to calculate profit and loss based on the number of lots in xmtrading, positions, required maximum margin, and pip. Those who want to start trading with XMTrading must understand currency units and lots. For those who do not understand one lot of XM, I will explain the number of currencies in one lot, the minimum lot, and the maximum lot.