MILTON MARKETS Thorough explanation of the characteristics, safety, reputation and reviews of overseas Forex company

Milton Markets

We will thoroughly explain the features, spreads, support, bonuses, safety, reputation and reviews when opening an account with MILTON MARKETS. This FX company has a system that refunds losses caused by slippage and a wide variety of stocks that it handles. It is a good deal because the execution speed is fast, within 0.1 seconds, and there are no restrictions on scalping and automatic trading.

MILTON MARKETS company information and safety

MILTON MARKETS is a FX company established in the Republic of Vanuatu in 2015. It is a very reliable company as it is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission and has a financial license from the VFSC. In the past, the name of the operating company was “WSM INVEST LIMITED” and the company was once relocated to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, but the company name was eventually changed and it is now based in Vanuatu. Let’s check the following.

Operating companyMilton Markets Ltd.
locationrepublic of vanuatu
2nd Floor, Transpacific Haus
Lini Highway Port Vila, Vanuatu
financial licenseVFSC: Vanuatu Financial Services Commission

Obtained financial license

As a result of the above, Miltonmarkets has obtained a financial license from the VFSC, so the operating company is highly reliable and operates under the necessary regulations of the Financial Services Agency. We have a solid financial license, so there is no fear of fraud or fraudulent charges. It has great benefits and has earned the trust of traders. High quality service is provided.

Separate management/no trust protection

MILTON MARKETS (Milton Markets) clearly separates and manages the profits and funds from the investments of customers and traders and the funds of traders at a major international bank. Therefore, 100% of the funds are safely protected and traders’ funds are not used by the company without permission. On the other hand, there is no trust protection. In the unlikely event that you go bankrupt, there is no guarantee that you will receive a full refund, so this may be a problem for some.

Some countries have been warned

MILTON MARKETS currently has a VFSC financial license, but we do not have licenses in other countries. We previously received a warning from the Japanese Financial Services Agency for being “a person who engages in financial instruments trading business without registration.” However, even if this is the case, foreign traders can use it at their own risk and it is not illegal to use it. So far, there has been no damage such as withdrawal refusal. Please note that there was a problem with the broker’s parent company in the past, but there is no possibility of any major problems occurring now.

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Now, I will explain the characteristics of MILTON MARKETS. You may be curious about the financial products we handle, leverage, spreads, and even swap points, so we will provide a detailed list of information, so please refer to it. In addition to opening an account in the name of an individual, it is also possible to open an account in the name of a corporation. Please contact the management.

There are 3 types of account

There are 3 account types and the maximum leverage is 1,000x. Of course, both are subject to campaigns and bonus promotions. The basic specifications are as follows. SMART accounts are suitable for short trades with narrow spreads, and FLEX accounts are standard accounts for other companies. The transaction format uses the NDD method. The ELITE account is a dedicated account for scalping trades, and the leverage limit is 200x, but the spread is extremely narrow.

Transaction formNDDNDDNDD
maximum leverage5001,000200
financial productsForeign exchange
precious metal
stock index
virtual currency
Foreign exchange
precious metal
stock index
virtual currency
Foreign exchange
precious metal
stock index
virtual currency
transaction feesfreefreefree
average spread1.7pips~1.0pips~0.8pips〜
lot unit100,000 currency100,000 currency100,000 currency
Minimum trading quantity0.01lot0.01lot0.01lot
Maximum trading quantity50lot50lot50lot
Maximum number of positions100100100
stop level0.0pips0.0pips0.0pips
automatic trading
margin call50%100%50%
loss cut20%50%20%
trade toolsMT4MT4MT4
base currencyJPY
Minimum deposit amount100003000010000

Maximum leverage 1,000x

Maximum leverage on valid orders is 500x for FLEX and 1000x for SMART. However, for SMART accounts, leverage restrictions will apply depending on the deposit amount, account balance, and margin, so please refer to the following. The conditions are very good as the lot size is higher than that of domestic FX companies. The maximum leverage is 200x when the amount exceeds 1 million yen or 2 million yen. If you exceed 100,000 yen, restrictions will gradually start to apply.

Max Leverage

Handling of financial products

I compared the handling of financial products with XMTrading, a popular FX company, and it is very complete. It supports foreign exchange, precious metals, energy, stocks, stock indexes, and virtual currencies, but the disadvantages are that it does not handle products and that it handles extremely few virtual currencies. You can create multiple accounts so you can use them in different ways.

Foreign exchange6955
precious metal24

Trading fees and spreads

Since there are no transaction fees, the cost of trading depends only on the spread. So, what about the spread? I calculated the average spread in SMART using major currencies as a reference. This narrow spread is very attractive, and it can be said that the spread tends to be clearly narrower than other companies. Elite accounts are the narrowest.


Execution speed 0.1 seconds

The biggest strength of MILTON MARKETS is that the execution speed is said to be only 0.1 seconds, making it very suitable for scalping trades. The execution rate is 100%, and there will be no execution rejection (re-quote). Because the servers are good, there is absolutely no slippage on the charts, so there is little risk, so it can be said that it is a highly recommended FX company.

Trading tool is MT4

The trading platform and tools are only compatible with Metatrader’s MT4. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with MT5. MT4 is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and can also be used for automatic trading. You can download and install by accessing the official website. Scalping is fully permitted at Milton Markets, and automatic trading (EA) and double trading are also allowed. There are no restrictions on indicators either.

Support via email and chat

Support can be contacted via email or live chat. Our customer centers are located in Cyprus, New York, and Hong Kong, and are generally open 24 hours a day on weekdays. Languages available are English and Japanese. It’s convenient because it’s open for long hours. Once prepared, you can easily make inquiries from My Page. You can make unlimited inquiries using the form. Our staff does not answer phone calls.

Email24 Hours Support
Live Chart24 Hours Support

Zero cut system

A zero cut system is used. The zero cut system is a system in which when a loss exceeds the account balance due to rapid fluctuations in the market and the loss is not cut in time, the Forex company will bear the negative amount on your behalf. Available for all account types. Also, the stop level is zero for all currency pairs and CFD products. Assets are maintained without margin calls. You can also create multiple accounts. The loss cut level for FLEX and ELITE is 20%, and the margin call is 20%. You can feel safe managing your funds.

About campaigns and bonuses

In the market, you can receive luxurious campaign bonuses with both FLEX and SMART account types. Unlike other companies, it is not a limited-time, short-term campaign, but it is always held, so you can feel very safe. We have campaigns such as the following. The deposit bonus also has a cushion function. Earned bonuses can be used as credits.

Target accountBonus details
20% deposit bonusSMART・FLEX20% deposit bonus
Account opening bonusSMART・FLEX5,000 yen bonus

Swap points awarded

As a basic knowledge, when you trade across days, there is a unique swap. Please note that these points are awarded for various currency pairs such as usdjpy, eurosd, eurgbp, gbpjpy, etc. You can start with a small amount, but trade with caution as you may receive a negative amount.

Long (buy swap)Short (sell swap)

Many deposit and withdrawal methods

In addition, there are a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods. Credit cards and debit cards (VISA, Master Card, JCB) are not accepted, but bank transfers, virtual currencies, and online wallets (bitwallet) are fully supported and processed. Although fees charged by Milton Markets are free, network fees incurred when remitting or moving the total amount will be borne by the user. It will take at most one day for the money to arrive. You can invest from 10,000 yen.

Minimum deposit amountTime to reflectcommission
bank transfer30,0001 business dayFree
USDT100USD1 business dayFree

What is the actual evaluation?

Now, I will introduce the good and bad things from the evaluations and reviews of actual FX companies. This is a quote from TradersUnion. TradersUnion is a review site for Forex companies around the world. Judging from the registered addresses, most of our main users are from Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa, the UK, and Malaysia, but we also have registered traders from all over the world. We also have users in Japan, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

Source : TradersUnion

The situation is similar to many others. I can’t receive $2,000 from milton prime. The withdrawal has been on hold since December 18, 2023. They refer to the audit being conducted, and do not provide any supporting documents

Source : TradersUnion

I don’t like that Milton Prime is not attentive to their customers, they never answer questions on time, which I have a lot as a beginner. I traded a little so I can’t trade like that. Now they work in a more responsive company.

Source : TradersUnion

I suggest that those who suffered from Milton Prime unite! Tears won’t help! They have crossed all boundaries. I don’t know if a class action lawsuit will work, but something needs to be done! You can’t forgive them!

Source : TradersUnion

Milton Prime will certainly find how to drain your depot, do not hesitate. To whom they do not pay money at all, to someone they interfere in trade, they interfere in different ways. In short, the fact is that this broker will appropriate your money for anyone.

Source : TradersUnion

I have had many problems with Milton Prime. All the money that I transferred to an account with this company was lost. I lost access to my personal account, and the support service ignores my emails. I wanted to file a claim with the court, but it turned out that Milton Prime is not known where registered.

Source : TradersUnion

Terribly weak company in terms of all possible services and technologies used. By his naivety and inexperience he fell for it. Attractive conditions and other heresy pushed me to open a demo, and managers pushed me to open a real account. It did not end well for me, unfortunately, I lost money.

Source : TradersUnion

Free account opening possible

Opening a new real or demo account is free of charge. Click the button below to access the official website page and proceed with registration. Once you have selected one of the three types of accounts and an account number has been issued, you are done. When getting started, investors should check the official terms and conditions, frequently asked questions, the latest news from the management group, content, etc., as well as submitting the necessary documents and verifying your identity. .

ID is required for first-time visitors

When opening an account with us for the first time, you will need to have your passport, My Number card, driver’s license, etc. ready. Be careful if you are not updating regularly. If you have any questions, please contact the management. The industry has a robust system of procedures to ensure the identity of individuals. You will also need to confirm your utility charges with proof of address. Once you are able to log in, you can immediately start trading on Metatrader.

Conditions are much better than other companies

It is famous for its very narrow spreads compared to other companies in the same industry (XM, iforex, fxgt, bigboss, titanfx, threetrader, axiory). Professionals can also trade profitably. It has fewer restrictions than others, so you can apply and trade in a risk-free environment. Since the leverage is high, you can make a profit by trading a large number of lots with a small margin. Recommended for those with experience and skills. There are almost no prohibitions.

Trade on the app too

You can also trade with the app. The usage is the same for PCs, and you can normally buy or sell transactions online from either. The app is also an excellent tool with high leverage and you can receive various bonuses, so the service content is satisfactory. If you have any concerns or concerns, please contact support from the menu. It can be used conveniently depending on the purpose.


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