Is the rumor that overseas FX Milton Markets refuses withdrawals true? No problems with reputation and safety?

Milton Markets

Is the rumor that Milton Markets refuses withdrawals true? I will explain the safety in this article. I researched the actual situation of Milton Markets, so I hope you find the article helpful. We are looking into basic information and acquired licenses.

MILTON MARKETS company information and safety

MILTON MARKETS is a FX company established in the Republic of Vanuatu in 2015. It is a very reliable company as it is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission and has a financial license from the VFSC. In the past, the name of the operating company was “WSM INVEST LIMITED” and the company was once relocated to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, but the company name was eventually changed and it is now based in Vanuatu. Let’s check the following.

Operating companyMilton Markets Ltd.
locationrepublic of vanuatu
2nd Floor, Transpacific Haus
Lini Highway Port Vila, Vanuatu
financial licenseVFSC: Vanuatu Financial Services Commission

Obtained financial license

As a result of the above, Miltonmarkets has obtained a financial license from the VFSC, so the operating company is highly reliable and operates under the necessary regulations of the Financial Services Agency. We have a solid financial license, so there is no fear of fraud or fraudulent charges. It has great benefits and has earned the trust of traders. High quality service is provided.

Separate management/no trust protection

MILTON MARKETS clearly manages the profits and funds from the investments of customers and traders and the funds of traders at a major international bank. Therefore, 100% of the funds are safely protected, and traders’ funds are not used by the company without permission. On the other hand, there is no trust protection. In the unlikely event that you go bankrupt, there is no guarantee that you will receive a full refund, so this may be a problem for some.

Some countries have been warned

MILTON MARKETS currently has a VFSC financial license, but we do not have licenses in other countries. We previously received a warning from the Japanese Financial Services Agency for being “a person who engages in financial instruments trading business without registration.” However, even if this is the case, foreign traders can use it at their own risk and it is not illegal to use it. So far, there has been no damage such as withdrawal refusal. Please note that although there was a problem with the broker’s parent company in the past, there is no possibility of any major problems occurring now.

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How do I withdraw money? how to do that

Withdrawals can be made by logging in and applying from My Page, and can be done using the same method as depositing. Deposit methods and methods are introduced in the article below, so you can withdraw using the same method. Therefore, please refer to the information. The procedure can be completed by bank transfer, BitWallet, or the virtual currency Tether (USDT).

Is there a withdrawal refusal? I researched reviews

Is the rumor that Milton Markets refuses withdrawals true? We investigated the evaluations by actual users mainly on X (Twitter) and compiled a list of them. What is your opinion? In fact, if you look into it, there aren’t that many examples. Therefore, it can be said that it is a FX company that you can use without any problems. Even if you look at the news, there are no negative reviews for the group as a whole.

Have you been refused withdrawal of profits?

It seems that the withdrawal of profits has been refused. But it’s hearsay, and I don’t know if it’s true or not. Compared to other companies such as XM, Axiory, and FXGT, you can create an account for free and the maximum leverage is 1000x, which is very high, so the conditions are very good. However, if you put more than 1 million yen into a smart account, the leverage will drop to 200 times, so it will not be advantageous.

I was trading but my withdrawal was refused.

There was a review saying that the withdrawal was refused even though the transaction was made. However, if you look at this image, the reason for the lack of trading volume when using the bonus is clearly stated. If the margin (credit) is at least zero, investors will not be able to make any trades using the platform’s MT4 tools. Let’s get ready and do it.

Prohibition of use due to fraudulent activity

If there is any fraudulent activity, use will of course be prohibited. This also applies to other FX companies. However, in the case of this company, it can be said that it is an extremely sound broker because it provides a solid refund. Please check the official website page as well. Malicious techniques can lead to a real ban even if the amount is small.

Be careful of fraudulent activities and content

If you commit any fraudulent activity at any Forex company, you will be subject to penalties such as account freezing or account freezing. There are certain types of misconduct that should be avoided. Narrow spreads and low fees are attractive, but you need to be careful about how and what you do.

Aiming to fraudulently obtain bonuses

Milton basically holds luxurious bonuses and limited-time expensive campaigns more frequently than other companies. However, if you fraudulently obtain a bonus or the like, you will be subject to punishment, so it is very risky to continue to do so. This is relatively easy to detect and can be discovered within a day at the earliest.

Account is managed by a third party

At Milton, we carefully verify your identity when opening an account. Since your identity is verified when making deposits or withdrawals, there is a risk that your account will be frozen if it is discovered that it is being operated by a third party. Before sending, be sure to check the name of the holder, current address, and phone number.

Hedging transactions between multiple accounts

At Milton, scalping trades, automatic trading (EA), and even trading on both sides are allowed. However, please note that hedging transactions between multiple accounts is prohibited. Similarly, hedging transactions between multiple traders are also prohibited.

Trading aimed at opening windows and economic indicators

Targeted trading in foreign exchange, precious metals, energy, and stocks by opening windows or accessing economic indicators is also prohibited. The pips width of a currency pair changes depending on the time, so this is what you are aiming for, but it is dangerous as it increases the risk of loss cuts. On average, most new users can do this. As a result, many people reach the important 20% loss cut level and end up losing money. Zero cut is set and adopted, so there is no margin call.

Have you checked the withdrawal rules? Let’s take a closer look

If you are refused a withdrawal even though you have not committed any violation or caused any problems, it is extremely likely that one of the following cases applies. Let’s check one out. You can also ask questions directly to the management using the form or online. We are a company with a proven track record, so you can start with confidence. Please also check out our FAQ and Terms of Use.

Account verification has not been completed

Once you open an account, you will be required to submit and authenticate two documents: an identification card and an address confirmation document. If any of these steps are not completed, you will not be able to withdraw money. Identification documents (My Number Card, driver’s license, passport, residence card) must include a photo and be issued by a public institution, and address verification documents (residence card, credit card, utility bill statement, bill) must be 90 yen. Only those issued within the last few days will be valid for upload. You must also know your address and name.

Withdraw while holding the position

At Milton, if you hold a position and withdraw without making a settlement, you will not be able to receive it and it will be automatically rejected. Please make the payment first. Don’t order anything and manage your funds properly. Holding a position has a big impact. Also, if the swap points are negative, that amount will be affected.

If the account is dormant

A dormant account is a system in which if a user does not make a transaction for 30 days, a 3,000 yen account maintenance fee will be incurred, and the account will be transferred if there is no transaction for 60 days or more. With a dormant account, 3000 yen will be deducted from your balance every month and you will not be able to make any transactions. If the balance falls below 3000 yen, the account will be forcibly closed. Dormant accounts can be reactivated, so please contact support. It is dangerous to leave it completely untreated without dealing with it yourself.

Withdrawal method different from deposit method

It is not allowed to proceed with a withdrawal method that is different from the deposit method. If the deposit method is bank transfer, the withdrawal method must also be a bank. This is being implemented to prevent money laundering, and other FX brokers have very similar mechanisms. In the above, at least when managing customer assets, we carefully check personal information.

Credit cards not accepted

Credit cards are generally not accepted. Debit cards are also not supported. Overall, there are few responses in the industry. It also does not accept Bitcoin, which may be a disadvantage for users. Please think carefully when choosing a FX company as we do not handle all of them in-house.


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