IronFX: Trading hours and supported days of the week


With IronFX, trading is not always OK at any time. The time slots in which you can trade are determined by the products you handle. Therefore, I will introduce the times when you can actually trade on IronFX.

trading hours

First of all, trading hours include summer time and winter time. Summer time for FX trading starts from the second Sunday in March (US time), and winter time starts from the first Sunday in November (US time). During this period, summer time and winter time switch. The only difference between summer time and winter time is that the time is shifted forward or backward by one hour. The server time also changes at this timing. Summer time is GMT+3 and winter time is GMT+2.

Summer TimeMonday 06:00~Saturday 06:00(Japan Time)
Winter TimeMonday 07:00~Saturday 07:00(Japan Time)

Long holiday transactions

Basically, the trading market can be traded at any time during the times listed above. However, there are long holidays during the year. During the following periods, the support center and transaction hours may change, so please check the official page each time.


In the case of Christmas, which falls in late December, support centers and trading hours may change. Please check the official page at this time.

New year holiday season

Business hours will vary considerably from late December to early January. Business hours are always irregular during this period, so be sure to check the official website. Depending on the day, you may not be able to trade even though it is a weekday.

golden week

Golden Week refers to a long holiday that only exists in Japan. You can trade anytime from late April to early May during Golden Week, but please be aware that Japanese support staff may not be available.

Buddhist vacation

The Obon holiday is a long holiday that only exists in Japan. In mid-August, Japanese support staff may not be available to assist you. The trade itself can be done without any problems, so just be careful about how the support center responds.

You can open an account for free

IronFX allows you to open an account for free. We will introduce it in the article below, so if you are interested, please open one. It is recommended because it has a wealth of campaign information and offers futures CFDs, energy, stocks, virtual currencies, indexes, etc. Once you log in, you can trade many financial products without limit. It is attractive because stop-loss cut is adopted even if you incur a loss. Always check the economic news to make profits in trading.

Leverage can be changed

The leverage can be changed and users can change it to 10x, 50x, 100x, and 200x. The maximum leverage is determined depending on the stock such as currency pairs, so select from the list above and check. You can earn a good amount with high leverage. Currencies also cover economic market major currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, ADU, CHF. However, the service may not be available depending on your country of residence (Cuba, Sudan, United States, Syria, North Korea).

Platform is also MT4

It has a wide range of platforms and supports MT4 (MetaTrader), as well as web traders and web trader apps. Free installation is available on the official website. You can start with scalping or double trading, and you can decide the amount of trading you want to invest. Let’s look at the market trends, predict the impact, and place orders for financial products.

bonuses and campaigns

Bonuses and luxury campaigns are also held daily in the group. You can find a lot of information by visiting the official website. Contests are also held, and those who win will receive prize money. Please note that once you receive the appropriate service and your annual profits are determined, you will be required to pay taxes. Some accounts are not eligible. 100% of the bonus can be used as principal or margin.

seminars and podcasts

There are also seminars and podcasts. The media is very rich, with webinars, seminars, etc. Furthermore, there are also a wide range of services categorized by category, such as calendars and videos. There is also an official blog where you can accumulate knowledge. We also have an affiliate program and are looking for ib partners.


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