Overseas FX iForex trading leverage list Explanation of restriction conditions, rules, changes, and confirmation methods


We will explain the leverage, restriction conditions and rules of iForex. You can trade with up to 400x leverage. iFOREX has no leverage restrictions based on margin balance, and even institutional traders can always trade with 400x leverage. Therefore, the benefits are great.

iFOREX maximum leverage list

iFOREX’s maximum leverage is 400x. iFOREX has only one account type and it is fixed at 400x. However, iFOREX’s leverage is actually set for each stock. Please note that leverage is low and limited for minor currency pairs and other CFD products. We have compiled the necessary information for you to use as a reference. Adjust your funds as needed. Investing involves risks, so be sure to check the page for disclaimers.

FX currency pair leverage

In the case of FX currency pairs, the maximum leverage for many such as the US dollar, Japanese yen, euro, and pound is basically as high as 400x. However, the Turkish Lira, Indian Rupee, and Offshore Renminbi are exceptions. Each has been decided. Minor currencies such as the Turkish lira tend to have extremely low liquidity, so it is difficult to make a profit, but it is also difficult to make a loss.

Max Leverage

Precious metal leverage list

CFD leverage is set for each product. The leverage for precious metals such as gold is 400x for gold, silver, platinum, and platinum, and 100x for copper and palladium.

Max Leverage

Energy leverage list

The leverage list for energy is usually 200x for crude oil such as Brent, 100x for heating oil and gasoline, and 67x for natural gas. Please note that each brand has high liquidity compared to others. Please be careful with lots.

Max Leverage
WTI oil200
brent crude oil200
Heating oil100
Natural gas67

Commodity leverage

Commodity leverage is 100x for sugar, coffee, cocoa, and soybeans, 67x for corn, and 50x for cotton and wheat.

Max Leverage

Stock index leverage

Currently, the effective leverage for stock indexes such as Nikkei, Dow, China, India, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, France, and Hong Kong is 200 times, 100 times for Switzerland, and 50 times for minor stock indexes such as Brazil. Please check the market carefully before ordering.

Max Leverage
UK 100200
italy 40200
india 50200
netherlands 25200
AU 200100
GR 20050
singapore 25100
switzerland 20100
spain 35200
Türkiye 10025
germany 40200
france 40200
Brazil 6050
Mexico 35100
EUR 50200
SA 4050
JP 400200
US 2000200
US 30200
US 500200
US Tech 100200
KR 20050
HK 50200

Maximum leverage for stocks

Maximum leverage for stocks is limited to 5x to 20x. There are many global companies and it is possible to trade and settle with high leverage.

Max Leverage

Maximum leverage of ETF

Maximum leverage for ETFs is limited to 5x to 25x. You can also check the system in advance.

Max Leverage
US 100 long x 320
US 2000 Long x320
Japan 225 Long x220
Japan 225 Short x220
US Cannabis20

Maximum leverage of virtual currency

The maximum leverage for virtual currencies is limited to 20x to 40x. It varies depending on the brand, and Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, etc. are 40 times more expensive. Please note that even stocks in the financial category can fluctuate easily.

Max Leverage

iFOREX leverage limits/rules

iFOREX has leverage limits and rules other than stocks. I will explain it. Major stocks are well affected. You can also check it from your smartphone, so please check it. rule

Limitations due to trading hours

In iFOREX, maximum leverage is limited by trading hours. Leverage is limited to half for each of the following times: Those who organize their positions on weekends should be especially careful as spreads tend to widen and there are open windows.

Japan time
Summer (last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October)Saturday 5:00~Monday 6:05
Winter (last Sunday in October to last Sunday in March)Saturday 6:00~Monday 7:05

Leverage restrictions based on account balance

iForex has no leverage limit based on account balance. Other companies (XM, Axiory, FXGT) etc. are limited by the balance, but iForex has the advantage of being able to maintain maximum leverage no matter how much margin you have in your account.

Leverage is not limited by events

In FX, there are political events, wars, and economic indicators. However, in iFOREX, the maximum leverage does not change depending on the margin balance. iFOREX has no restrictions on leverage, so it is possible to trade at the timing of political events, wars, and economic indicators.

Regarding changes to maximum leverage

Maximum leverage cannot be changed in iFOREX. iFOREX has a fixed maximum leverage of 400x.

Is there a way to check leverage?

There is a way to check your leverage from My Page, so I will introduce it to you. Please log in to “My Page”. You can check the leverage from the product information. Or you can check from the official website. Let’s take a look at the “Terms of Transaction” at the bottom of the top page.

Source : https://www.iforex.jpn.com/

You can check the leverage by clicking on “Product Details” and selecting the item you want to check.

Source : https://www.iforex.jpn.com/

Loss cut level is 0%

The loss cut level is 0%. You can endure loss cuts better than other overseas FX traders and trade with maximum discretion. Since we use a zero-cut system, there is no risk of incurring debts greater than the investment amount. There is a lot of risk involved, so start trading with small amounts.

You can open an account for free

You can open an account for free. This is the most recommended FX broker for discretionary traders, so please give it a try. There are campaigns and bonuses operated by Hireba, so please take advantage of them.


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