Thorough explanation of iForex deposit methods, reflection time, and fees


We will thoroughly explain iForex deposit methods, reflection time, and fees. We will explain in detail the features and procedures of the 6 types of iFOREX deposit methods. We will actually explain the process on screen, so even if you are a first-time user, you will find the operation easy to understand.

There are 6 types of iFOREX deposit methods.

There are 6 types of deposit methods after registering with iFOREX. The minimum deposit amount is $100 (10,000 yen) and there are no fees, but there may be fees depending on where you use the service. Only credit card deposits are reflected immediately, so if you want to start trading quickly and cheaply, please deposit directly with your credit card. We recommend keeping the amount as small as possible at first. I will explain with images.

Reflection timeMinimum deposit amount
credit card
debit card
bitwalletUp to 1 business day$100
SticpayUp to 1 business day$100
bank transferUp to 1 business day$100
virtual currencyUp to 1 business day$100
Apple PayUp to 1 business day$100

To make a deposit, first log in to My Page and select the dollar mark from the menu. You can deposit money online from your bank or credit card.

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A list of different payment methods will be displayed, allowing users to specify and select their preferred method. From here, I will explain each method individually. Bank withdrawals take the longest. Credit card payments will be reflected instantly.

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credit card deposit

When making a deposit using a credit or debit card, you can select the card holder’s name, card number, expiration date, security code (CVV), quantity, and currency. Currently, we accept VISA, Master Card, Dinners, AMEX, and JCB. The supported currencies are Japanese Yen (JPY), US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Pound Sterling (GBP), and Swiss Franc (CHF). You can make instant deposits locally.

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Deposit with bitwallet

Depositing money using bitwallet takes about 15 minutes at the earliest, and the deposit process is very easy. A bitwallet account is required, so please create one in advance. You will be automatically transferred and signed in to make the payment.

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Deposit with Sticpay

You can also deposit using Sticpay. Deposits can be made in as little as 15 minutes, and the deposit process is very easy. A Sticpay account is required, so please create one in advance. You will be automatically transferred and signed in to make the payment.

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Bank transfer method

For domestic and international bank transfer methods, bank transfer fees are your responsibility. It takes at least one day for money to arrive by wire, but it may take up to three days as it is affected by bank business days. Compared to other deposit methods, it takes a long time to receive the funds. Select the quantity and payment currency. Banks take longer than credit cards.

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The transfer destination will then be displayed, and you can transfer money from your bank based on this information. When making a bank transfer, be sure to write the “transfer ID” in the payer’s name section as “transfer ID + name in katakana.” If you forget this, the deposit process will be put on hold. It may take up to a week for your deposit to be reflected, so please contact the support center with any questions.

Virtual currency deposit

To deposit virtual currency, select the quantity and currency. Additionally, click “Continue”.

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You will be required to select each type of virtual currency brand to deposit. Once you select the currency, the remittance address will be displayed as shown above. Once you send money from your virtual currency wallet to the displayed remittance destination, the virtual currency deposit procedure is complete.

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Apple Pay deposit

Select the quantity and currency for Apple Pay deposits. Additionally, click “Continue”. Enter the credit card information used to deposit with Apple Pay and click “Deposit.” That’s it!

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Causes and solutions when unable to deposit money

We will explain the causes and solutions when you are unable to make a deposit. please refer. When you compare it to other companies, it’s convenient because you can make a lot of choices. Customers can pay online and it is quite easy to use. You will be able to trade immediately. Scalping and automatic trading (EA) are not possible, so please ask support for the rules.

There is an error in the account number/card information

If paying by bank transfer, please write “transfer ID + name in katakana”. In the case of card numbers, mistakes are strictly prohibited. Lastly, please note that if the holder or beneficiary is different from the person registered on the account, the transaction will be rejected. Must have the same content. The same applies to the withdrawal of profits.

Your card’s deposit limit has been exceeded

If you are using a credit or debit card online, you may have exceeded your card’s deposit limit. In this case, your only option is to contact your credit card company and ask them to increase your credit limit. Let’s make it a high amount. Credit cards are recommended as they are faster than bank transfers.

How can I check my deposit history?

You can check your iFOREX deposit history from the “Operation History” page on the management’s My Page. This history and tool can be downloaded separately, so we recommend it. Please check until it is reflected in your credits.

What are the conditions to get a deposit bonus?

If you open an account with iFOREX and make a deposit after verifying your identity, you can receive a deposit bonus. The bonus will be automatically reflected in your account. You will receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit and a 25% bonus on subsequent deposits, so make sure to deposit as much money as possible on your first deposit. You can also make additional deposits at any time.

Identity has not been verified

iFOREX requires you to verify your identity, such as submitting a photo of your credit card, before making a deposit. If you do not complete the process, you will not be able to make a deposit online, so please check the steps. You cannot withdraw money by credit card or bank transfer, and you cannot earn bonuses.


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