HFM (former HotForex): No need to install MT4/MT5 Web Terminal


HF Markets basically downloads and installs MT4 or MT5 to trade, but there are some that can be traded without downloading or installing anything. It’s Web Terminal.

What is WebTerminal?

Web Terminal is a tool that does not require download or installation in the first place, and allows you to trade on your browser while remaining online. You can directly launch your favorite browser on your PC and use the exact same functions as MT4 and MT5. It is very suitable for those who say that they do not want to do troublesome installation work.

No download/install required

Web Terminal can be used simply by connecting to the Internet. So you can connect anytime, anywhere without installing any software. Also, the functions are the same as MT4 and MT5, so it is not inconvenient at all.

Any OS

Web Terminal is not only compatible with Windows OS. In fact, it can be used on both Linux and Mac, making it a highly versatile system. We use the latest SSL encryption for your security.

Specs and features

OSWindows, Linux, MacOS、iOS、Android
Time frame9
Automatic trading
Brand handled1200

How to use Web Terminal

Let’s log in first. If you have not created an account, please do so first.

Select “Platform” MT4 or MT5 from the left menu of My Page.

Source : https://my.hfm.com/

Then, the selection screen will appear, so select Web Terminal.

Source : https://my.hfm.com/

Since it will be a login screen, you can use it by entering the server name, ID, and password. You can use it in almost the same way as the PC version of MT4 and MT5.

Source : https://my.hfm.com/

The server name, ID, and password are all described in the e-mail sent to the registered e-mail address when the account was opened.

If you forget your login information, please contact the support center.

Which is better: Webtrader or MT?

Which is better: HFM web trader or MT4 or MT5?

WebtraderMT4 or MT5
Garbled characters×
One Click Order
Custom Indicator×
Auto Trading×


Web Terminal can be used simply by connecting to the Internet. On the other hand, in the case of MT4 and MT5, downloading is a prerequisite whether it is a PC version or a smartphone app, which is troublesome.

Garbled characters

Web Terminal does not display any garbled characters. However, in the case of MT, if you trade on a Mac or in Chinese, the characters may sometimes be garbled and the trades may become quite confusing, so you need to be careful.


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