HFM (former HotForex): Features and functions of the smartphone app version


HF Markets has a lot of people who access the official page by operating a PC. However, HF Markets has also developed a smartphone bang app, and you can also perform various operations with the app. You can also try using the app.

HF Markets App

The reality is that the majority of HF Markets users use MT4 or MT5 when trading on a regular basis. However, HF Markets has recently developed a smartphone version of the app. The smartphone app has a function that combines the official page with MT4 and MT5, allowing you to deposit and withdraw and manage your account. Therefore, we recommend using the smartphone version for those who feel that PC operation is troublesome.

HF Markets app features

Let’s list the features of the HF Markets app.

can’t trade

The HF Markets smartphone version app cannot be traded. Therefore, you may feel inconvenient because you can only manage your funds. When doing smartphone trading, you will basically use the MT4/MT5 app.

Confirmation of economic indicators

The advantage of the HF Markets smartphone version app is that you can check economic indicators at any time with the app. Since MT4 and MT5 cannot do it, you can know important events in advance by using the smartphone version app.

Deposit/Withdrawal/Fund Transfer

Deposits and withdrawals can be handled through the app. Not only that, but if you have multiple accounts, you can transfer funds between them. Therefore, it is an application that can be used very effectively as a substitute for the official page.

Leverage change

Not only can you handle deposits and withdrawals, but you can also change the leverage. It can be said that it is easier to use than the PC version because it is easy to use with the app.

Account opening and management

With the smartphone version application, it is possible to perform the procedure for opening a new account. Similarly, you can open a new trading account. It’s convenient because you can add more.

Performance comparison with MT4/MT5

Then, what kind of performance difference is there between the smartphone version app and MT4 and MT5?

MT4MT5HF Markets App
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As mentioned above, in the case of the smartphone version application, you can not trade in the first place. Therefore, the trade itself will be done with MT4 or MT5. However, it is possible to manage funds and handle deposits and withdrawals. Therefore, even if you install the app version, you will have to use another platform such as MT4 or MT5 for trading.

How to download and install the smartphone app

The first step in downloading the app is to go to the homepage.

Home Page

You can switch languages from the button on the top right of the homepage. As for the operation method, first select “HFM Platform” from “Platform”.

It can be installed from “App Store” or “Google Play”.


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