[HFM (previously HotForex)]: Word of mouth, reputation, and testimonials


HFM is a very famous Forex company with users all over the world. However, those who are thinking of opening an account with HFM should be concerned about word of mouth and reputation. This time, I would like to quote the evaluation of TradersUnion and introduce some actual experiences.

HFM company profile

The company profile of HF Markets is introduced in the article below. HFM is a very popular company, especially in Europe, and has won over 60 awards, so it is very popular and well known.


The review site I will introduce this time is a site called TradersUnion. This site is a site that reviews FX companies and virtual currency exchanges, and has posted a lot of experiences. I also post a lot about HFM reviews. Note, however, that not all reviews are correct. Some users write reviews out of resentment after losing a trade, so please refer to it.

Traders Union

Distribution of registered users, countries and regions

A major feature of HFM is that the number of registered users is very diverse around the world. The Philippines has the most users, followed by Nigeria and Colombia. In addition, it is a big feature that it is scattered all over the world such as Singapore and Mexico.

word of mouth and reputation

The overall rating as of 2023 is 7.45. Since the evaluation is evaluated with a maximum of 10 points, you can see that it is a relatively high evaluation.

top reviews

First of all, I will introduce the opinion that is the top review.

Users who have been using it for over a year say they have had no particular problems or technical problems, especially when using HFM. Therefore, HFM can be considered a safe broker.

I have been working with this broker for over a year, and so far my opinion is rather neutral. There haven’t been any problems. Technically, everything is fine too. As for the service, its level corresponds to an experienced broker. I can see no reason for criticism or admiration yet. I got what I expected.

Source : HotForex (HF Markets) Review 2023: Pros and Cons (tradersunion.com)

HFM’s service has been very stable without any trouble, and some users are quite satisfied. HFM also has analysis tools and study sites that can be used for free, which is very satisfying.

Not so long ago I became a client of the company. No complaints so far. Work experience and so many regulators inspire confidence. The software is stable and all the necessary analytic tools and a good training base are in place. I am generally satisfied. Let’s see what will happen next.

Source : HotForex (HF Markets) Review 2023: Pros and Cons (tradersunion.com)

HFM offers a large number of useful technical analysis tools, which makes users very satisfied.

I am mostly satisfied with the conditions. The company allows you to use various strategies and provides a lot of useful analysis tools. There would be no claims if it were not for the terms of withdrawal of funds, which quite often do not correspond to the stated ones. For me, as for many traders, this is a significant drawback.

Source : HotForex (HF Markets) Review 2023: Pros and Cons (tradersunion.com)

Other opinions

Since there are pros and cons, I will introduce each opinion one by one.

Some users said their trades were blocked by HFM. Word of mouth says that it is a broker that takes money out of customers’ accounts. In fact, I couldn’t find any evidence of such an incident on other review sites.

I started trading with HFM broker six months ago. Of course, it’s not a very long time, but the broker passed my testing. Trading is smooth, and HFM doesn’t interfere with opening and closing trades. I haven’t noticed any broker manipulation either. I made one withdrawal so far, and they processed it within two days to my bank card, totaling $210.

Source : HotForex (HF Markets) Review 2023: Pros and Cons (tradersunion.com)

At HFM, there was a comment that the company intentionally does not accept profitable orders. However, I couldn’t find any reviews like this on other sites, so I don’t know if it’s true or not.

I consider HotForex to be quite reputable and transparent. I have been working with this company for two years now. Someone here mentioned that the HotForex platform performs poorly. Slippage can occur, but there’s not much you can do about it. However, I haven’t noticed any requotes. Additionally, I’d like to mention that the platform remains stable during major news releases. I would rate HotForex four stars.

Source : HotForex (HF Markets) Review 2023: Pros and Cons (tradersunion.com)

I’ve started trading with hotforex recently. I’m just trying my hand at Forex trading. But now I want to leave a positive review of the broker’s support service. Its managers are very responsive and professional. For me, as a novice trader, it is important to receive help from such managers.

Source : HotForex (HF Markets) Review 2023: Pros and Cons (tradersunion.com)

I read reviews of HFM on the internet and nevertheless decided to earn extra money here. I passed a simple verification with the help of technical support. But after funding the account, problems began. I occasionally didn’t have time to close trades normally, as everything was very slow. I asked for help, but they didn’t even listen to me and said to change the computer. After 10 minutes, the account was blocked. There was no connection. I worked at HFM for 1 week and lost $1,300.

Source : HotForex (HF Markets) Review 2023: Pros and Cons (tradersunion.com)

I do not recommend working with hfm. I don’t have 100% evidence that this company is a scam. But the fact is that they are engaged in manipulations on their trading platform. I confirm that hfm may deliberately cause technical problems in the platform to make its clients lose their money.

Source : HotForex (HF Markets) Review 2023: Pros and Cons (tradersunion.com)

HFM uses various manipulations to protect itself from overly profitable traders. There is a clause in their regulations that gives the company the right to cancel client trades at its discretion. It is especially important to note that they cancel profitable trades. Even applying to the regulator, you can not reliably protect your rights. Therefore, I do not recommend choosing HFM as a broker.

Source : HotForex (HF Markets) Review 2023: Pros and Cons (tradersunion.com)

Negative reviews of HFM show the real trading condition of a trader in this company. Here only excellent conditions are declared. In fact, everything is very bad, starting from technical support and ending with the withdrawal of funds. I can’t say that funds are not withdrawn at all. When I submitted the request to withdraw the balance of the deposit, it was completed only two weeks later.

Source : HotForex (HF Markets) Review 2023: Pros and Cons (tradersunion.com)

Account opening is free

Opening an account is free. The following article explains how to open an HFM account. If you are interested, we recommend opening an account.


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