HFM (former HotForex): Prohibited acts Can you build both and scalping?


HF Markets, a globally popular Forex company, allows you to create various accounts and trade freely. But not everything is OK. Although it is known as a relatively good company, there are some prohibited actions, so please be sure to observe them.

HFM maximum leverage is high

The maximum leverage in HFM is 2000x, which is extremely high. High leverage trading is offered compared to easymarkets, iforex, fbs, axiory, bigboss, fxgt, and XM. Automated trading (EA) tools are also allowed to be set up. Since you can hold a large number of positions, the service is highly rated as it is suitable for discretionary traders. There will be no rejection of contract.

Adoption of loss cut and zero cut

In HFM, loss cut levels and limits are set by account type, and zero cut rules are also adopted. You can rest assured that the zero cut will work quite well depending on your balance in economic indicators. Due to the structure, bonuses and campaigns are adopted depending on the account type, but without them, it is possible to trade with a narrower pips range. The bonus can be used as margin and has a cushion function. There is also a point award system and cashback is also available.

Are both buildings prohibited?

Both houses are allowed in HF Markets. However, although both houses are allowed, there are conditions, so be careful. Some overseas FX brokers have strict restrictions, but HFM has a relatively high degree of freedom.

What is both houses?

Hedging refers to having both buy and sell positions in a currency pair at the same time. With a hedging position, the trader will not incur any losses regardless of whether the price of the currency pair moves up or down. But it’s not profitable either. By closing one of two positions and leaving only the profitable position, the trader can make a profit. However, if the timing is wrong, both positions will lose money, so it is quite difficult for beginners to trade.

Hedging of different accounts is prohibited

HF Markets allows hedges, but prohibits hedges between accounts. When trading with both positions, it is a condition that you must have both positions in the same account, and it is prohibited to have opposite positions of the same currency pair in different accounts

Hedging in different companies is prohibited

HF Markets accepts dual construction, but prohibits dual construction across multiple Forex companies. This means that Company A has a EUR/USD buy position and Company B has a EUR/USD sell position. If this happens, your account may be frozen.

Is scalping prohibited?

HF Markets allows scalping trades. With scalping, you can make a lot of trades in a short time, so even busy people can earn money in a short time. There are no restrictions on this, so you can rest assured.

What is scalping?

Scalping is a short-time trade that involves entry and exit in a short period of time. Scalping trades are often performed mainly when there are economic or political indicators. Until you get used to scalping trading, you will often lose, so keep your lots low when trading.

Scalping trading is difficult

The golden rule for scalping trading is to compete during periods when the market moves well. The difficulty level is very high, so you won’t be able to beat it until you get used to it. However, since you can understand price movements well, it is a highly recommended trading method for studying.

Is automatic trading prohibited?

Automated trading is not prohibited in HFM. Therefore, you can trade automatically without any problems. However, in the case of automatic trading, most people go bankrupt. This will cause bankruptcy regardless of HFM or brokers.

Market prices are not logic

Market prices are basically driven by people’s emotions. Therefore, there are many cases where the logic works, such as in automatic trading, but when the trend becomes strong, many people end up with too much unrealized loss and go bankrupt. Over 99% of traders fail.

Pay attention to the number of entries

When using automatic trading, be careful about the number of entries. If you make a large number of payments in too short a time, it will put a considerable load on the server. This can be quite annoying to other users, so it’s best not to do it.

Other prohibited matters

In addition to double trading and scalping, traders need to be careful about the following trades. Please note that if it is determined to be malicious, profits may be confiscated or your account may be frozen. In addition, intentionally abusing delayed rates and filling window trades are opportunities for traders, but these are not effective and may result in warnings for their disadvantages. For details, please check the terms of use on the official website.

Illegal bonus trading

There have been cases in the past where users fraudulently obtained bonuses and used them for trading. There are traders who have actually done this, and the management side has suspended bonus payments. Therefore, please refrain from illegally obtaining bonuses.


Arbitrage trading is to make a profit by trading using the price difference between different markets. This is also prohibited and may result in penalties. If caught, not only will profits be confiscated, but the account may also be frozen.

Weekend trade aimed at opening the window

In the foreign exchange market, the market closes on Saturday morning and opens on Monday morning, but an event called window opening occurs that causes a price difference, and the market tends to move to fill that window. The occurrence rate of this window filling is said to exceed 80%, and trades aimed at this may also be penalized.

Trades that load the server

If you place a large number of orders in a short period of time, the production server will be heavily loaded. There can be penalties because when this happens, other traders are also adversely affected.


HF Markets may impose penalties on users who engage in such prohibited or harassing behavior. Account closure, account suspension indefinitely, profit confiscation from account. It’s a big risk because you could charge your customers a penalty. Please do not do this.

Freeze account

The biggest penalty is account freezing. If your account is frozen, you will not be able to deposit or withdraw money, nor will you be able to create a new account. Also, since the HFM management side has registered it on the blacklist, even if you create a new account, it will be blocked 100% after authentication. If you wish to cancel, you will need to negotiate with the support center.

Account frozen

If you commit any prohibited acts, your account may be frozen. If your account is frozen, you will no longer be able to deposit or withdraw funds or trade from that account. You can create a new account, but if you want to cancel an existing account, you will need to negotiate with the support center.

In the worst case scenario, use another FX broker

In any case, if your account is frozen, and if you cannot negotiate with the operator, you have no choice but to give up on using HFM. In that case, you have no choice but to use another FX broker.


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