HFM (former HotForex): What is My Wallet? Transfer of funds


At HF Markets, when you open an account, the deposited money is put into My Wallet. However, you cannot start trading when there is money in this My Wallet. I am writing an article about the mechanism and features of MyWallet.

What is MyWallet?

My wallet is a wallet given to HF Markets account holders. This wallet is called a wallet and has the following functions. There are not many Forex companies that have such functions, so many people may be confused.


HF markets does not directly enter your trading account when you first deposit. Money goes into your wallet called My Wallet in your account. You can then trade by transferring money from MyWallet to your trading account. MyWallet shows a relay point when transferring funds between trading accounts. Even when moving from a trading account to a trading account, it is necessary to move it to the wallet once.

For withdrawal

For deposits, you can transfer funds to your trading account via My Wallet, but this is the same for withdrawals. You have to move money from your trading account to My Wallet first and then process the withdrawal. In other words, when transferring funds or depositing or withdrawing money, you must go through My Wallet.

Method of funds transfer

Since you cannot deposit or withdraw money without going through My Wallet, you need to know how to transfer funds. Log in to your account first.

Home Page

After logging in, click on “My Wallet” on the left menu.

Here you can see your wallet balance and open accounts. Next is how to transfer funds.

Click “Transfer Funds” from the left menu on the home screen.

Select “Wallet” as the source of funds transfer and your favorite trading account as the destination of funds transfer. You can send money by entering the amount you want to transfer. From means the sender, To means the destination, and Amout means the amount. Whenever you want to transfer funds from one trading account to another, you will go through this screen.


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