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HF Markets has a loyalty program. This is a cashback service that gives you points that can be exchanged for cash. It is very popular with traders because it can be cashed and these points can be used as bonus funds.

Loyalty program

This program says that you can get points by trading. You can redeem your points for cashback or use them as bonus funds as you accumulate points. In the Loyalty Program, HF bars are returned as points for each lot round trip. The reward level increases according to the duration of the trade. The higher the reward level, the easier it is to accumulate points.

Participation conditionsAcquisition bar per lot
RedAccount opening & participation application6
SilverContinue trading for 31 days8
GoldContinue trading for 62 days10
PlatinumContinue trading for 105 days12

The information is also published on the official website, but the rank is red for beginners, silver is rewarded in 31 days and gets 8 pieces, gold is rewarded in 62 days and gets 10 pieces, platinum is rewarded in 105 days and gets 12 pieces. Book. This kind of service is rare compared to other foreign FX brokers. HFM is very blessed with campaigns, rewards, and bonuses.

Target audience

Target users are those who have registered with HFM and who have completed their identity verification. Therefore, if you want to participate in this program, please note that you must first open an account. Also, the trading account must be in an active state for this program to apply.

Target investment products

The target stocks of the loyalty program are mainly foreign exchange, and other precious metals such as gold and silver, stocks, and ETFs. Please note that other investment products are not eligible for this program.

Terms and conditions

As a condition for applying this loyalty program, the time from order to payment must be at least 5 minutes. This program is not applicable for scalping trades that settle instantly. Please note that a trade of more than short trade is a prerequisite.

terms of exchange

As the HF bar accumulates, you can aim for a bonus or cashback. The number of bars required for exchange is determined. You can cash out from 1000 bars.

Serviceowned bar
Redeem for cash 35 bars = $11000
Autochartist 1 month subscription150
$150 bonus300
Right to use Silver VPS for 1 month1100
1 hour private session with a market analyst2500
Silver VPS 3 month usage right3100

How to join the Loyalty Program

To participate in the Loyalty Program, you must meet the following conditions:

account, account opening

First, open an account and then open another account. Please refer to the article below. Currently, the maximum leverage is 2000x, and automated trading tools are also available. If you make a loss, a loss cut will be applied. There is also a zero-cut system, and there are many limited-time promotions such as ROFM (Return on Free Margin). If you have a premium account, you can receive bonuses and campaigns as many times as you like.

Apply for participation on myHF

Let’s log in first. Press “Join Trading Rewards” on the center right of My Page.

Source : https://my.hfm.com/

You can participate by clicking the “Participate” button on this screen. Participation is completed by pressing the participation button. All you have to do is repeat the trade.

Loyalty Program Notes

Please be aware of the loyalty program notes.

account type

The Loyalty Program is open to all live account types. Please note that contest and demo accounts cannot participate.

Bar Grant Judgment

HF bars are granted for each round-trip trade of 1 lot. However, there are conditions, the holding time from opening to closing of each trade must be 5 minutes or more, and the difference between the open price and the close price must be 5 pips or more. If you fill this, the bar will accumulate.

days not trading

If you do not trade for 30 consecutive days or more, your reward level will be reset. Furthermore, the bar is also reset and becomes 0.

Account opening and deposit

By opening an account and making a deposit, you can get 100 bars as a special service. However, this is a one-time event. You can’t get it again and again.


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