HFM (formerly HotForex): Business during New Year’s holidays, Christmas, Golden Week, and Obon


At HF Markets, business days and hours are irregular during Christmas, year-end and New Year holidays, and even Golden Week every year. The schedule changes every year, so be sure to check the official page when the time comes.

New year holiday season

HF Markets business days and hours tend to be quite irregular during the year-end and New Year holidays. Especially from around December 30th to around January 3rd, the trading hours are irregular, so it is often impossible to trade even if you want to. Please check the official page.


In the case of Christmas, it may be closed in the first place, and the trading hours may be changed. Please note that the schedule may change significantly during this period, especially in Europe and the United States, as it is a large holiday.

Golden Week, Obon

Golden Week is a long holiday peculiar to Japan, and most Japanese people have a long holiday from the end of April to the beginning of May. During this period, the market moves normally, but customer support for Japanese customers often has quite irregular holidays. And this is the same with the Obon. Obon is a holiday unique to Japan, and most companies take several days off around mid-August.

Trade during long holidays

You can trade without any problems during Christmas or Golden Week. However, since the price movement is completely different from usual, it is necessary to be careful as it often results in a big loss if you are not used to it.

decrease in trading volume

It is characterized by the fact that the transaction volume is reduced anyway during the long holidays. Therefore, trends tend to be formed easily, and the market tends to move greatly. If you are against a big flow, you will often lose big, so you need to be careful.

Golden Week, Obon

Japanese traders often have holidays such as Golden Week and Obon, and the yen exchange rate tends to be trendy. During this period, the trading volume will decrease suddenly in the same case as above, so it will be easier for a trend to emerge, so it is better to follow the trend when a big movement occurs.


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