HFM (formerly HotForex): Comparison of usage conditions for free VPS FX


HF Markets offers VPS for free. VPS is necessary when you want to do automatic trading. But the question here is, are the HF markets VPS good? I checked the performance.

What is VPS? What kind of service is it?

VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. A VPS is a remote service that functions independently, just like a real computer. VPS is a server that sets multiple virtual server areas on one physical server and uses each server area with multiple users. similar to a shared server. In the case of VPS, each virtual server area is independent, so it has the feature of being less susceptible to each other.


VPS has a higher degree of freedom than a shared server and has lower running costs. In addition, it has the advantage of being granted administrator privileges and having dedicated memory and CPU allocated. When it comes to shared servers, the scope of what users can do is pretty limited. If you choose a VPS with administrator privileges, when you need to change the server settings, you can do it within the scope of the standard functions.


Due to the above advantages, the risk of using a VPS server is that the usage fee is high. However, HF Markets allows you to rent a VPS server for free, so you can negate this disadvantage.

HF Markets VPS

HF Markets has 9 data centers around the world. Therefore, waiting time is short because it is located in various areas. Furthermore, it is a spec that can be operated 24 hours a day without any problems, shortening waiting time and minimizing downtime. Compatible with EAs and automated scripts. Most forex brokers offer free VPS servers. However, since it is free, the performance is naturally inferior compared to the paid version.

VPS type

HF Markets offers 3 types of VPS. However, there are conditions for use, and you cannot use it for free unless you meet these conditions. It can be used if the deposit amount is more than the following amount.

RAM1,300MB Ram2,700MB Ram5,120MB Ram
OSWindows 2012Windows 2012Windows 2012

VPS application conditions

In order to apply for VPS, there are conditions other than the deposit amount.

Open an account

First of all, if you do not have an HF Markets account, you are not eligible to use VPS. First, please open an account. With HFM, the maximum leverage is 2000x, and investors can choose their own account with a narrow spread, and can limit the number of lots. Details can be found in the article below. Among overseas FX brokers such as exness, we recommend them as they have a wide range of bonuses and campaigns.

Prepare automated trading tools

If you want to do automatic trading, you will also need to prepare the tools for that. A loss cut will be applied when the balance decreases. Also, if the value becomes negative, a zero cut system will be applied. Please check and ask support on the official website for details. No contract rejections will occur. Swap points occur when the day passes. You can trade using either a computer or an app. MT4 and MT5 can be downloaded.

How to apply for VPS

You can apply from the page below. Choose from Bronze, Silver or Gold to apply.

Home Page

By the way, HF Markets supports 26 languages. You can switch the language from the mark on the upper right of the screen.

HFM VPS free conditions

HFM’s VPS has usage conditions and rules in the contract. Investors are required to make full use of the funds when making a selection, so consider your policy. With MT, you can use charts, indicators, market analysis, etc., making it easy to manage your positions in real time. Many people are using it in the market for trading products such as currency pairs and virtual currencies. HFM has also obtained a financial license, so it is a reliable company.

Deposit amount within 1 month

It is assumed that users who use VPS are active and have a reasonably large amount of funds. Therefore, you will not be able to use it unless the deposit amount reaches a certain level.


Trading volume within 1 month

Users using VPS are required to have a certain level of transaction volume.



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