[HFM (former Hot Forex)]: Comparison with cashback sites, features


You can open an account with HFM via the cashback site. What are HFM’s cashback sites? What are the benefits of opening an HFM account via a cashback site?

List of cashback sites

Cashback is a mechanism that allows you to receive cashback according to the transaction volume. It is a system in which a reward is generated for each transaction. The cashback sites that HFM can use are the following sites. A comparison of cashback rates is shown below.

TariTaliMoney ChargerFXRoyalCashBackFinalCashBack
Zero Spread4.5USD4USD4USD3.5USD
HF Copy0.9USD~165.09USD0.77~14.674USD0.48USD4.2USD


TariTali is recommended because the cashback rate is often higher than other cashback sites and the withdrawal conditions are excellent.


Money Charger

Money Charger is an up-and-coming cashback site that is not well known but offers reasonably good terms.



This site is famous for its very high cashback rate. Many Japanese users use this site.



FinalCashBack does not have a better redemption rate than the above cashback sites. Therefore, it cannot be recommended.


HFM cashback

By the way, you can expect various cashbacks at HFM. There are surplus margin return programs and loyalty programs, so if you are interested, please refer to the following articles. The surplus margin return program will cash back to your account according to the surplus margin and monthly cumulative transaction volume. The Loyalty Program has 4 reward levels, with each level increasing cashback.

Disadvantages of cashback

If you open an account with HFM via a cashback site, you can get cashback according to the transaction volume, but there are not so many disadvantages. Even if you go through a cashback site, if you make a profit, you will be required to file a tax return. Registration for cashback sites is free. Bonuses are also awarded via cashback sites. If you are worried about cashback sites, we recommend opening an account normally.


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