HFM(former HotForex): Conditions for opening an account Age limit and occupation Unemployed and housewives


HF Markets is one of the most popular Forex companies in the world. Therefore, the number of users is very large and people of various nationalities are trading. But are there any age or occupational restrictions to open an account and trade?

Account opening is free

HF Markets allows you to open an account for free. Please refer to the following articles. However, there are conditions for opening an account. I will explain from here.

Conditions for opening an account

HF Markets has set the following conditions for opening an account and trading.

20 years old or older

It is stipulated that you must be 20 years old or older to open an account. This 20-year-old definition means that the age at the time of opening the account is 20 years or older. By the way, even if you are over 20 years old, there is no problem even if you are a university student. All you have to do is meet the requirement of being over 20 years old.

Any occupation

At HF Markets, any profession does not matter. When you open an account, there are fields to fill in your occupation and assets, but even if you are unemployed or a housewife, you will not fail the examination or be unable to open an account. So no matter what your occupation is.

Account opening is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

As an aside, HF Markets is closed on weekends and holidays. Please note that there are holidays such as the year-end and New Year holidays and Christmas. Accounts cannot be activated on weekends and holidays. It will be delayed because it will be handled after the company’s business day.

Banned countries

In fact, there are countries that prohibit registration on HF Markets. USA, Canada, Sudan, Syria and North Korea cannot register. This is regulated by law in some countries, which is why we are unable to provide services. This is not just HF Markets, other Forex companies tend to do the same.

strict laws and regulations

Prohibited countries often say that Forex companies cannot be used due to legal restrictions. A classic example is the United States. This regulated the flow of American money out of the country during Obama’s presidency. As a result, Americans can only open accounts with American Forex companies. For Forex companies that are active globally due to strict regulations, it is quite difficult to operate.

FX broker’s true feelings

The true intention of FX brokers is that they want anyone to open an account, trade, and lose a lot. If you can get a lot of trades, it will also be profitable for the Forex broker. As a result, the review is generally lenient. At least compared to opening a bank account, the screening process is overwhelmingly simple. That’s why even unemployed people and housewives can easily open an account.

Registration of false information is prohibited

Also, if you register as a minor but are over 20 years old, or if you enter a false address or occupation, please correct it as soon as possible. This will be discovered when the documents are submitted. Please refrain from registering false information, as it may increase the possibility of your account being frozen or frozen depending on the case.


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