HFM(former HotForex): Affiliate Features and Rewards


HF Markets has an affiliate program. This means that you can receive rewards by inviting new users to HF Markets to open an account and trade. Many heavy users are participating in affiliates.

Affiliate features

HF Markets affiliates have the following characteristics:

Timing of reward

The timing of HF Markets affiliate rewards is not account opening. It occurs only when a new user opens an account and deposits and trades. In other words, compared to normal affiliates, the reward generation point is a little further away, so you may have a tough impression. But if you can invite a lot of traders, you have a chance to earn a lot of rewards.

The timing of reward generation always occurs for each transaction, so it is very advantageous. Heavy users make more transactions, so referrals can also receive more rewards.

affiliate reward

Affiliates earn 60% of the spread for FX and $6 per lot for gold and silver. For CFDs, etc., the reward is 1 dollar, and there is a difference depending on the trading product.

Forex Currency pair60% of pips
Gold, Silver6USD = 1lot
CFD1USD = 1lot


HF Markets also offers sub-affiliate rewards. A 3-tier system is adopted, and a maximum of 5-tier system can be set. 25% total reward from 2nd and 3rd level. Sub-affiliate rewards are quite high.

self affiliate

If you clear the condition of introducing 5 or more active traders, you can do self-affiliation. Even if you trade yourself, you can get a reward of $ 3 per lot. If you have someone in your family who trades, you can get $3 as a self-affiliate.

How to register as an affiliate

To get started as an affiliate, you must first register. You can open from the banner below.

You can switch the language from the button on the upper right. You can apply by clicking “Become a partner”.

Source : https://affiliates.hfm.com/

The application screen will appear. Please include the screen below.

Partner Type:Choose between an individual partner or a corporate partner.

Country of residence:Select your country of residence.

Full First Name:Enter the name below in Roman letters.

Full Last Name:Enter your last name in Roman letters.

Email Address:Enter the email address where you will receive the ID and password required for login following email authentication.

Date of Birth:Select day, month, year.

Password:Please set a password. Please do not forget it.

Phone Number:Enter your phone number.

IB Experience:Yes if you have been a Forex affiliate before, No if not.

Estimated no. of Clients:State the number of potential customers that you can acquire with your affiliate.

Estimated amount of deposits from existing clients:Enter the amount you have already earned as an affiliate.

How do you find your clients:Select the media you mainly use when affiliated and enter the address.

Finish by pressing the check and registration to agree to the terms.

When registration is completed, email authentication will be performed, so please check the registered email address. You will receive an e-mail to your registered e-mail address “Regarding activation of HF affiliate registration”. Finish by pressing the “Activate” button.

Once registration is complete, your login ID and password will be sent to you by email, so be sure to keep them in a safe place.

When you log in, the screen will switch to My Page, so enter your profile.

Birth Country::Select your country of birth.

Address 1:Enter your address. Please include the apartment name and room number.

Address 2:Enter the part that could not be written in address 1.

City :Enter the name of the city or town where you live.

PrefecturesEnter the prefecture in which you live.

Zip Code:Enter your postal code.

Once you have completed your profile, it is time to enter your investment information.

  • Does your current or past profession require you to undertake transactions in the financial markets?
  • Have you ever been employed in the financial sector for more than one year in a professional position?
  • CFDs(Forex, Metals, Commodities)
  • Other Derivative Products (Swaps, Futures, Options)
  • I have attented a seminar or course on CFDs or Forex

Once this is done, you will be required to submit proof of identity and proof of address. It must have a photo of you, must be within the expiration date, and must be in color.

The following documents are valid for identification.

Passport photo page

Front and back of My Number Card

Front and back of driver’s license

The following documents are valid as proof of address.

Electricity/gas/telephone/water charges within the last 6 months

Certificate of residence

bank or credit card statements

When you submit each document, the display will change to “Approval pending”. Registration is now complete. Shortly after completing the registration application, you will receive an email from the person in charge with an explanation about the affiliate. Schedule a phone call and have a phone interview. At this time, you can ask detailed questions about the reward and how to receive it.

How to get affiliate link

Affiliate link is OK by copying and pasting the code below after logging in.


Copied title and URL