GeneTrade: Thorough explanation of how to withdraw money from a GeneTrade FX account and the possibility of withdrawal refusal


We will explain the new withdrawal method, fees, and possibility of withdrawal refusal for GeneTrade’s FX account. You can withdraw money by credit card, debit card, bitwallet, sticpay, and bank transfer. Therefore, it is very convenient in the sense that you can make bank transfers. We will explain the actual withdrawal method.

Features, advantages, and disadvantages of GeneTrade

The features, advantages, and disadvantages of GeneTrade are as follows. Account types include micro accounts and standard accounts, and can be selected depending on the spec function. There is a limit to how much you can receive bonuses.

Few currencies are accepted

The only financial products we handle are FX currency pairs and precious metals. We do not handle stock indexes, energy, virtual currencies, etc. You can start small amount trading with a minimum amount of 500 yen ($5). The platform will be MT. The servers are also relatively stable.

There is 24 hour support

The support center is multilingual and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Therefore, you can make inquiries yourself even late at night. This is a benefit that you won’t find at other companies. There are also frequent bonuses, campaigns and promotions. Phone, live chat, and email support is also available.

ID verification required

When actually opening an account, you are required to enter personal information such as name, date of birth, and residential address. You will also be required to submit and upload your ID. Requirements include passport, driver’s license, and My Number card. There is also a password setting.

List of GeneTrade withdrawal methods

The list of GeneTrade withdrawal methods is as follows. You can withdraw money by credit card, debit card, bitwallet, sticpay, and bank transfer. However, some require account activation in order to withdraw money. Please refer to the article below to complete and confirm the account opening. Now you can use MT4 tools etc. You can invest in many positions and lots and trade, but be careful as there are risks.

Withdrawal conditions for profits with a new real account, currency for application, online wallet, credit card, debit card, USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, HUF, PLN, ZAR are supported. Furthermore, bank transfers are available in JPY. Please check the list below when withdrawing profits earned with credits from campaigns and bonuses.

Min WithdrawCommissionCurrency
Credit Card
Debit Card
Sticpay10$FreeUSD, EUR, GBP, JPY, HUF, PLN, ZAR
bitwallet10$FreeUSD, EUR, JPY

Withdrawal fee

According to the official website, there are currently no withdrawal fees. Please note that STICPAY withdrawals and bank transfers under $200 will incur fees. This means that each service provider may incur fees. We recommend that you settle your order before making a withdrawal.

Minimum withdrawal amount

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. This means that you need to earn at least $10 in order to register for an account and receive withdrawal offers. The details are the same regardless of the method. The same applies to both standard and micro accounts.

When will the withdrawal be reflected?

My impression is that the withdrawal will normally be reflected in 3 to 5 days. This is an answer based on experience, but there was no case where the withdrawal was reflected immediately in one day. Withdrawal refusals generally do not occur. We also have a financial license.

bonus disappears

When withdrawing money from the target account, the bonus granted will be automatically canceled in full according to the percentage of the withdrawal amount. The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn. Please be careful as your balance will decrease.

Withdrawal to an account with a different holder

Withdrawals to accounts with different holders are prohibited. The name you registered when opening the account has provided your ID, and you must withdraw money to the bank account or account in this name. This is an anti-money laundering measure.

GeneTrade withdrawal method procedure and flow

I will explain how to withdraw money from GeneTrade. First, log in to My Page. Click the action button and click “Withdraw Funds”. This will allow you to withdraw money. Then, you will be able to choose your withdrawal options as shown below, so click on the one you like.

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Credit card, debit card withdrawal

If you are making a credit or debit card withdrawal, you will first need to enter your withdrawal information. Withdrawal begins by entering the card number and holder’s name.

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Bitwallet withdrawal method

Bitwallet withdrawal method starts by entering the account email address and amount. You cannot withdraw money unless you have an account in advance.

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Sticpay withdrawal method

The Sticpay withdrawal method starts by entering the account email address and amount. You cannot withdraw money unless you have an account in advance.

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Bank transfer withdrawal method

Withdrawals can only be made in Japanese yen using bank transfer. Withdrawals can only be made to banks within Japan. In addition to the beneficiary name, beneficiary address, beneficiary account number/IBAN, you will also need the bank name, SWIFT code, bank address, etc. Click on request.

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Is there a withdrawal refusal in GeneTrade?

Is there a withdrawal refusal in GeneTrade? There is. This is because, as explained above, the response varies depending on the minimum withdrawal amount and withdrawal currency. Withdrawals may also be refused in the following cases: We will introduce an actual case of withdrawal refusal using the example of X (Twitter) as a reference.

Does the chart stop?

On Genetrade, a user wrote that they were experiencing a phenomenon where the chart stopped instead of a withdrawal being refused. Since it was the time when the dollar yen crashed, it seems possible that the volatility became too high and stopped.

昨日、3rd口座として開設したGenetrade、チャート止まってるやんけww ドル円ショート、さっきの暴落で利確してノーポジだからいいけど… XMでやるわ

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Scalping trading is prohibited

Scalping trading is prohibited in GeneTrade. Therefore, if you violate any of the prohibited items, not only will your withdrawal be refused, but your account may also be frozen. In this case, trading itself will not be possible.

そしてGenetradeは出金拒否&アカウント閉鎖 秒スキャだけでここまでするんか

Source : X

Withdrawal refused due to bonus limit

There seem to be cases where withdrawals are refused due to the bonus limit. Although this is not confirmed, there are reports that say it actually happened.

微塵も案内送って来ないgenetradeでさえ、ボーナス限界来たってよ。 濫用カスのせいで壊滅的。 FXfairも、相当ヤラれてるはず。 5営業日まで出金よく耐えてた方。 それが仇になったんだろうが。 出金精査はブローカーからするとマジ必要。 取引履歴晒さず出金拒否叫ぶヤツをワイは要注意つけてる。

Source : X

Withdraw money and don’t receive it

There were complaints that the money did not arrive even after requesting a withdrawal. In many cases, it takes several days at most for the money to arrive. Therefore, if you do not wait patiently, you may end up feeling distrustful.

genetradeで出金依頼出したんだが、もう6時間経つのに着金しない。 遅すぎるな。 今後FXやる時は出金スピード早い所でやりたいや。

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