FXGT: How to order and trade MT4/MT5 PC and smartphone How to use trading tools, step-by-step explanation


FXGT explains in articles how to log in to MT4 and MT5 and how to trade on iPhone and PC. In other words, if you don’t know how to use MT5, you won’t be able to trade. Therefore, I am writing an article explaining how you can place an order.

First, open an account and make a deposit.

First of all, please complete the account opening and deposit. Click the button below to complete the authentication process. It depends on whether it is demo or real, but if you have a real account, you will need to make a deposit. You can deposit from sticpay, debit card, credit card, and bank. Please check the terms of use before opening. Please note that exchange rates are constantly changing.

What is MT4? What kind of tool is it?

MT4 is a trading tool developed by MetaQuotes. It is called Meta Trader 4, and development has already ended, so it will not be fixed even if new defects appear. MT4 has a wide variety of indicators and allows for very detailed chart analysis.

What are the features of MT4?

MT4 has various features and is currently the most used tool in the world and tops the popularity rankings. It is said to be recommended as an automated trading (EA) tool, so we will also introduce it with caution.

The most used tool in the world

MT4 is used by the most brokers in the world today. It is the most popular tool as it is more used than MT5. Therefore, this tool makes it easy to trade with most brokers.

automatic trading

MT5 is the same as MT4 and can launch automatic trading. You can adjust the tool through backtesting and perform discretionary trading while operating automatic trading, expanding your trading range.

Development completed

The development of MT4 has now been completed by the development company MetaQuotes. If there is a problem due to this, no new fixes will be taken. MetaQuotes also recommends migrating to MT5.


MT4 and MT5 are written in different programming languages. Since MT4 is developed using MQL4 and MT5 is developed using MQL5, the two are not compatible, so there is a risk that migration will not be possible.

What is MT5

MT5 is a trading tool developed by MetaQuotes. It’s called Meta Trader 5 and its predecessor, MT4, is also popular. MT5 has a wide variety of indicators, and chart analysis can be done quite precisely.

Features of MT5

MT5 has various features and is currently the most used tool in the world. It is recommended over MT4 as it is easy to download from the official website of the operator and easy to set up. Since the specs are high, you can basically click on it on your smartphone and it will start working right away. Recommended for both demo and real life.

Plenty of indicators

There are a wide variety of MT5 indicators, and users can directly analyze charts in detail. It has more indicators than the previous version, MT4. On the other hand, the operation becomes slow and the MT4 EA becomes unusable. Basically, there are many different methods available depending on the function you choose.

automated trading

MT5 is the same as MT4 and can launch automatic trading. You can verify and adjust the tool through backtesting and perform discretionary trading while operating automatic trading, expanding the range of trading. Preparation and management will be easier if you install and check the latest version of the environment. You can trade freely on your own.

Difference between MT4 and MT5

There are quite a few performance differences between the previous versions, MT4 and MT5. As mentioned above, MT5 clearly has better performance, and since it is currently under development, further improvements can be expected. If you are just starting out, we recommend MT5. Even first-time users can easily perform transactions such as scalping from the platform.

operating speedslowquick
memory consumptionfewmany
time framefewmany
development languageMQL4MQL5

Operating speed and load

MT5 has faster operating speed, and MT5 consumes more memory. MT5 was released in 2011. Currently, high-spec terminals are coming out, so memory consumption is at a level where you don’t have to worry about it.


The biggest problem will be updates. MT4 is no longer in development and there are no updates. This means that even if a defect is found, it will not be fixed. On the other hand, MT5 is still under development and further improvements can be expected in the future. Although it is updated 24 hours a day and may improve, MT4 may eventually stop completely after opening due to a glitch.

time frame

For standard timeframes, MT5 is overwhelmingly superior. In MT4, there are 9 types of time frames, but in MT5, there are 21 types, and 2-hour, 8-hour, 12-hour, etc. have been added, making analysis even easier. Furthermore, there are 30 types of indicators in MT4 and 38 types in MT5. MT5 is advantageous when professionals analyze investments on exchanges. You can analyze pairs in detail by category. The support line is also low, making it easy to make a profit.

How do I place an order?

From here, I will explain how to actually trade using MT5. Pairs are supported and can be traded on both Windows and Mac versions. Details on how to get started are provided below. Generate profits with high margin while utilizing actions such as indicators. You can rest assured that zero cuts are also covered. Please have your account number, password, and server ready. Log in and start trading.

PC version

First, try launching MT5. Select “New Order” from “Tools” in the top menu of MT5. The Place Order window opens. You may be confused at first when using it, but you will soon get used to it.

The order screen will look like this: To do this, continue from this web page and place an order using your assets in the currently selected currency pair. You can make market orders, limit orders, stop orders, etc. live.

Symbol: You can select other currency pairs from the pulldown.

Quantity: Enter the lot.

Place an order: Press the “Sell” or “Buy” button.

Order type: The type part corresponds to it. It’s usually a “countdown order”. If you select Pending Order, “Type” will appear as a field below.

Type: Specify the ordering method here. The following can be specified.

Buy Limit

Sell Limit

Buy Stop

Sell Stop

Buy Stop Limit

Sell Stop Limit

Stop Loss: Specify the stop loss price.

Take Profit: Specify the take profit price.

To check your position, select the “Trade” tab under the tool and you can check the position you have placed. At the time of payment, manual payment is possible by right-clicking on the order part.

Smartphone version

For the smartphone version, start the app first. Tap the stock you want to trade on the quote display screen, and tap New Order to move to the order screen.

The order screen will appear. Tap either Sell or Buy to place an order. Be careful not to accidentally order a large amount of crypto assets or currency. Multiple orders are also possible and valid. We recommend starting with a small amount in the beginning. It is preferable to practice the basics and respond accordingly.

Lot: Adjust the number of lots with the number at the top.

Stop Loss: Specify the stop loss price.

Take Profit: Specify the take profit price.

Sell Market: Place a sell order.

Market Buy: Place a buy order.

Payment can be made by sliding the position itself to the left from the trade tab of the tool. You can make instant manual payments. If you hold BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, ADA, etc., you can settle your cryptocurrencies live on weekends and not on weekdays.


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