FBS: Withdrawal methods and possibility of withdrawal refusal Thorough explanation of overseas FX fees


FBS has many FX profit withdrawal methods and fees. We will introduce and explain the possibility of being rejected when withdrawing money from your account. If you trade and make a profit, you will have to withdraw the money. There are many withdrawal methods, but there were also reviews from some users suggesting that withdrawals may be refused. Is there a possibility that the withdrawal will be refused?

How to withdraw money from FBS trading account

Withdrawals can be made by selecting Finance and Withdrawal from the top of My Page. Since the spread is narrow, it is easy to make a profit, but you must be careful when withdrawing funds. There are many services that allow you to withdraw money. It will take some time for some funds to arrive.

Source : https://jpfbs.com/

The withdrawal method, withdrawal reflection time, and minimum withdrawal amount are specified.

Source : https://jpfbs.com/

The withdrawal methods of currencies supported by the operation are as follows. We have compiled a list of details, so please check them out. There are quite a lot of withdrawal methods, such as fxgt, xm, iforex, gemforex, axiory, etc. There is also a risk as there will be a withdrawal fee. We accept perfectmoney, domestic debit cards, online wallets, etc. If you apply now on the official website, processing will begin immediately.

Withdrawal feeWithdrawal reflection timeMinimum withdrawal amount
USDT(ERC20)network fee15 minutes to several hoursNo limit
USDT(TRC20)network fee15 minutes to several hoursNo limit
JCB CardFree5th to 7th5~50000EUR
SticpayFree15 minutes to several hours5USD~
BitcoinFree15 minutes to several hours0.01USD~
ETHnetwork fee15 minutes to several hours0.01~99999ETH
Bitcoin Cashnetwork fee15 minutes to several hours0.01~99999BCH
USDC ERC20network fee15 minutes to several hours10USDC~
Perfect Moneyvendor fees15 minutes to several hours5~999999USD
Litecoinnetwork fee15 minutes to several hours0.1LTC
USDC Solananetwork fee15 minutes to several hours10USDC~

Bitwallet、Sticpay、Perfect Money

For Bitwallet, enter the amount and press the button.

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For Bitwallet, an account is required. Create a new account or log into your existing account to continue making payments.

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For virtual currencies, the wallet address will be displayed and displayed. Get this code from your recipient and paste it here. You can also start remittance by setting the amount. However, remittances can be time-consuming due to the transactions involved.

Source : https://jpfbs.com/


Withdrawals can be made using JCB cards. For your first withdrawal, you will need to upload an image of your card. Of course, this will be a file that shows your card number. File formats are GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, and PDF. You will then be able to send money by entering your card number.

Source : https://jpfbs.com/

Withdrawal rules

There are withdrawal rules when withdrawing money. Please carefully observe the following points in advance. When settling orders with currency pairs, you may incur high losses, so be careful when managing your funds and transferring them between accounts. If it takes 48 hours to receive the jacket, please contact the support center on a business day from the personal area of the official page.

Withdraw using the same method you used to deposit

FBS requires you to withdraw using the same method you used to deposit. This is to prevent money laundering. If you withdraw using a different method than your deposit, it will be 100% rejected. When opening an account, we verify your name and address, and we also check both sides of the document, so if any of this information is incorrect, your application will be rejected.

Priority for withdrawals

Withdrawals have priority. Credit cards are given top priority in all cases. In other words, if you deposit with a credit card, your withdrawals must also be made by credit card up to the deposit amount.

Does not support bank transfer

FBS does not support withdrawals via bank transfer. If you deposited via bank transfer, you will need to withdraw using another method. Generally, when you start trading, wait until your assets have been paid.

Bonuses can also be withdrawn

FBS offers many deposit bonuses, cashbacks, and promotional bonuses, and 100% withdrawal of assets is possible anywhere. This is the biggest advantage that other companies don’t have. The means are the same as the withdrawal method details.

Is there a withdrawal refusal?

Information about FBS withdrawal refusals and withdrawal problems can be found on SNS etc. However, cases in which withdrawals are actually refused are limited to cases where the above rules are ignored, or where the account is frozen due to violation of prohibitions.


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