FBS: Account cancellation, withdrawal method and re-registration method Thorough explanation of deletion method


Some people may have been trading in FBS for a long time but are tired of it and want to quit. In that case, you will need to cancel your membership. Not only that, but even if I canceled my membership, can I re-register? I have summarized it as an article including.

How to withdraw, dormant account

Users cannot withdraw from FBS by operating themselves. Basically, you have no choice but to leave your account alone. If you leave your account unattended, it will be treated as closed. If you leave your account unattended for 90 days, your account will be archived. Archived accounts are treated as dormant accounts and cannot be traded. Please log in and check first. OK if you can send funds. If you really want to cancel your membership, the only way to do so is to contact support by sending the necessary information.

Restoring archived accounts

It has been archived, but you can restore it if you wish. Please open the archive page from your dashboard. Select your account number and click the Restore button. Your account will now be active again and you will be able to trade. Demo accounts cannot be restored once they are archived. If you have a demo account, please create a new account again.

Account deletion

There is basically no way to delete it in FBS. Users cannot delete their accounts themselves. If left unattended, won’t personal information be leaked? I think there are many users who feel uneasy about this. In that case, please contact the support center. This is because deleting the account or deleting the account can only be done manually.

How to re-register

If you contact the FBS support center and delete it, all user information will be deleted. Therefore, if you want to trade with FBS again, you will need to register again. However, please note that all your information has been deleted and you will need to submit your identity verification documents again. Among overseas Forex brokers, FBS is recommended because it has high leverage, narrow spreads, and is easy to trade.

Loss can be cut off

Even if you incur a loss, if you can meet the stop-loss level, a compulsory liquidation will be executed and you can completely protect your funds. FBS also has a financial license, so it is reliable and safe. Details can also be found on the official website. Also, if it becomes negative, a zero cut will be taken and compensated. The maximum leverage is also high, so you can hold many positions.

Trading hours and symbols

Please note that trading time settings vary depending on the stock. It is also possible to invest additional funds. If your margin balance is insufficient for the same issue, you can supplement it with additional funds. Orders can be placed on platforms such as MT4. Scalping is also currently permitted. When you make a profit, don’t forget to file your final tax return and prepare for taxes.

You can also trade on the app

You can also trade on the app. If you visit the official website and install it in advance, you can trade on your PC or the app. Each option is chosen by the user, allowing the user to carry out transactions in a very free manner. We also have a customer center, so you can ask questions using the inquiry form.


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