FBS: Affiliate program FX rewards and how to participate


FBS has an affiliate program. It is possible to trade with FBS and also earn money through the affiliate program. If you want to make money with FBS, please try affiliate marketing.

FBS Company Profile

FBS is a FX broker based in Vanuatu. Established in 2009, it is an FX broker with a very long history of operation. It has successfully expanded globally and has branch offices all over the world. There is also a financial license.

Operation CompanyMitsui Markets Ltd.
Address133 Santina Parade, Elluk,
Port Vila, Efale, Vanuatu

Global expansion

FBS is headquartered in Vanuatu, but also has branch offices. FBS also has offices in Belize and Cyprus, each of which has financial licenses. Therefore, it is a very large company.

Mitsui Markets Ltd.VanuatuVFSC
FBS Markets IncBelizeIFSC
Tradestone LimitedCyprosCySEC

financial license

We have obtained financial licenses from the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, the Belize International Financial Services Commission, and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, giving you peace of mind as we have a total of three financial licenses.

Separate management

FBS uses separate management. Company assets and user assets are managed separately, so there is no need to worry about them being used without permission.

Trust preservation system

FBS has a trust preservation system. What this means is that even if the FX broker goes bankrupt and goes bankrupt, the customer’s assets are guaranteed. This means that it is fully guaranteed.

Affiliate system

FBS affiliates have the following characteristics:

Lottery reward of

FBS Affiliate offers a reward of $10 per lot. This also applies to Standard, Cent, and Pro accounts. Affiliate commissions do not end with just one shot. You will continue to earn rewards every time you trade in your account. For micro accounts only, the fee is $80.

AccountRemuneration amount
Zero Spread10$

3 tier system

FBS Affiliate is equipped with a 3-tier system, with the reward from the 2nd level being 15% and the reward from the 3rd level being 5%.As the users you introduce on FBS refer further, it becomes easier to earn income. Therefore, affiliate marketing can be said to be a program that can make a lot of money depending on the person.

permanent income

FBS affiliates do not generate income by opening an account. Income is not generated just when a user opens an account, but income continues to be generated as long as the user who opens an account makes transactions. In other words, the more people you introduce, the greater your recurring source of income will be.

How to start an IB program

To begin the IB program, you must open an FBS account. Please refer to the article below for instructions on how to open an account.

Please log in after opening an account. From the top of my page, you will see the partner area. You can paste a banner or referral link here.

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