Exness: Gambling Trade Unlimited Leverage


Exness has a leverage of 2000 times, making it possible to trade in an environment of unlimited leverage. Conversely, by making good use of this high leverage, it is also possible to make gambling trades.

Start with a small amount and grow your money quickly

With Exness, it is possible to increase funds at once from a small amount of around $ 10. You can have it in a full position and make full use of leverage to make your funds $10000 or $100000. However, raising the leverage may conversely cause the funds to disappear at once, so you need to be aware of that.

Leverage limit

Exness has leverage limits. Since the limit is imposed by the funds in the account, you must use unlimited leverage from a small amount. Therefore, please note that you cannot suddenly use unlimited leverage with a large amount of money. Limits increase as funds increase.


Conditions for unlimited leverage

Actually, many people don’t know this, but you can’t just open an account to take advantage of unlimited leverage. If you do not clear certain conditions, unlimited leverage will not be granted.

Account funds less than 00

If you suddenly put in a lot of funds, unlimited leverage will not be granted. You need to start with a small amount, so you have to deposit a small amount of money first.

10 or more transactions

In order to be granted unlimited leverage, it is possible to try it first, so you need to have a track record of trading 10 times or more. You should try trading first.

Transactions of 5 Lot or more

In order to be granted unlimited leverage, you must have a trading record of 5 lots or more in the past. We recommend that you start trading first.

Products with unlimited leverage

In fact, many people do not know, but the number of stocks subject to unlimited leverage is limited. In fact, unlimited leverage is only possible with exchange, gold, and silver. Therefore, these are the only ones that can be gambling trades.

Trade InstrumentsUnlimited LeverageMax Leverage
Forex pairUnlimited
Gold, SilverUnlimited

Recommended account type for gambling trading

Anyway, in order to make a gambling trade, if you do not make the unrealized loss small, it will soon fly away. For that reason, the zero account is the most recommended. This is because the zero account has the smallest spread. The next best option would be the Pro account. In any case, it must be an account type with narrow spreads and no transaction fees.

Raw Spread$7
Zero $7
Pro Free

Minimum deposit amount

The minimum deposit amounts are as follows: Standard account can be deposited from $ 1, but it is not recommended due to wide spreads. Therefore, other account types are recommended.

Min Deposit
Raw Spread$1000
Zero $1000
Pro $1000

Recommended currency pairs for gambling trades

So, which currency pair is recommended for gambling trades? USD/JPY and EUR/USD are the targets. The spreads are very tight, making them the currency pairs most resistant to unrealized losses.

StandardRaw SpreadZeroPro

Unlimited leverage is high risk

As explained above, higher leverage means higher profit margins, but also higher risk ratios. There is absolutely no investment, so gambling trades are recommended if you can lose the full amount. Try to do it only if you understand that unlimited leverage can be dangerous.

Open an account for free

In order to trade gambling, you first need to create an account. You can open an account for free. Please refer to the article below to open an account.


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