Exness: Free VPS Overseas FX Terms of Use and How to Use Explanation


This article will explain how to use the free VPS, specifications, restrictions, and conditions provided by Exness, an overseas FX company. It is a very popular FX company in the world. You can use free VPS with this Exness. However, that does not mean that anyone can use it right away. In fact, some conditions are required in order to use it.

What is VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. What it means is a virtual private server. It is the same as a shared server in that one server is shared by multiple users. However, VPS is set up so that you can virtually enjoy the same degree of freedom and performance as a dedicated server. Most companies provide it and provide it to their users, and you can use it by downloading it yourself and logging in.

Difference between dedicated server and VPS

A dedicated server is a service that allows you to use one physical server. Even though VPS uses a virtual dedicated server, it does not mean that the physical server is exclusively used. Therefore, dedicated servers have higher performance and load tolerance.

Advantages of VPS

The main advantage of VPS is stability. There is no need to worry about trading software stopping due to unexpected computer troubles. Furthermore, stable trading is possible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Another advantage is that you don’t have to keep your PC running.

Rules for using free VPS

Please be aware that VPS has the following rules. You can use it online by accessing the official website and submitting a request. Even beginners can easily create and delete them. Since it is a function that can be used as an automatic trading tool, it has a good reputation and reviews, so check it out. We recommend that you understand the risks and always operate the program with surplus funds.

monitoring account

VPS monitoring accounts can be changed. If there are no transactions in the monitoring account for 14 days, you will receive a warning from the administrator. Please note that if you leave it unattended, your use will be suspended. Changes can be made by contacting support.

multiple VPS

Exness’ VPS has a structure that does not allow multiple use. Please note that you can only use one VPS with one account.

MT4 and MT5

MT4 and MT5 are already installed on the VPS. Therefore, you can use MT right away, so there is no need to install anything new. It is also possible to install a multi-terminal, and you can use it by contacting the support center.

Exness VPS server specs

Exness’ VPS server specs are as follows. If you are not satisfied with the specifications, you can contact the support center and they will introduce you to high-spec paid plans. It can also be operated remotely, so you can use it at your own discretion. Many people use hosting services mainly for foreign exchange. Depending on the account type, fees may be charged, but a zero cut is applied.


Performance comparison with other companies’ VPS

How does it compare to the specs of other companies’ VPS? In the case of Exness, compared to other companies in the industry (easy markets, axiory, tradeview, gemforex, bigboss, threetrader, iforex, etc.), it is neither inferior nor superior.

OSWindows2012Windows 2012Windows 2012
CPU1vCPU1 Core1 Core

How to apply for VPS

First, open an Exnes account. You can create multiple accounts and add more later. Automated trading (EA) is possible with Exness, and you can check it on your computer desktop or smartphone. Additionally, leverage is unlimited and the loss cut level is 0. Unusually for an overseas FX broker, there are no bonuses or campaigns, but you can invest not only in FX currency pairs but also in virtual currencies. You can use VPS after opening an account. Trade on a virtual private server.

account opening

You can apply to open an account below.

VPS usage application

After opening an account, you can use a free VPS by applying for use. However, the following conditions must be met. You can apply for use only if you meet both requirements.

  • Deposit history of $500 or more
  • Account balance of $100 or more

After fulfilling the above requirements, please apply. How to use it is possible by contacting the support center. In the email, tell us your account number and secret word along with your desire to use VPS. The account number is the number of the account that uses the VPS and meets the $100 balance requirement. The secret word refers to the secret word set at the time of new registration.

User guide by e-mail

After applying for VPS, there is a review period of about one week. If you pass, you will receive a usage guide by email. You will receive an email with all the information you need to use your VPS. Therefore, please manage your e-mail information carefully.

How to connect and use VPS

Open Accessories from the Windows Start menu. Expand Accessories and select Remote Desktop Connection.

Enter the VPS computer name you received from Exness. If you connect and enter the user name and password you received from Exness on the next screen, you will be connected to the VPS Windows 2012.

VPS suspension conditions and release method

VPS usage conditions are surprisingly strict.

stop condition

If there is no transaction for 14 days after starting the VPS, you will receive a usage suspension notification email. If there are no transactions for 2 more days, your VPS will be suspended. Please note that the setting information will be erased and cannot be restored. Once the VPS is stopped, all user data stored on the VPS will be erased and initialized.

How to cancel the stop state

In order to resume using the VPS, it must be a trading account of the same account and have a balance of $ 100 or more. After satisfying the above requirements, reapply for VPS usage. In addition, since all the settings used before are initialized, it is necessary to reset them.


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