Exness: Economic Calendar Features and Usage


Exness has a wide variety of features due to the large number of traders around the world. One of them is the economic calendar. Here’s a timeline listing of economic indicators by stock, which should be very useful.

economic calendar

The Economic Calendar is a list of economic indicators published on the Exness official page. This page is only available in Japanese, and you can see the list by brand. Therefore, we recommend that you bookmark this page. And be sure to check this calendar regularly. You will find this calendar very helpful as it covers everything from minor to major impacts.


Source : https://www.exness.com/

How to read the calendar

This is how to view each item on the calendar.

timeDisplay the release date of economic indicators
currency symbolCurrencies primarily affected by the relevant economic indicators
Having this mark affects all fiat currencies
eventDisplays the name of the economic indicator
substanceResults of this economic index
predictContains forecast results of economic indicators
just beforeSimilar economic indicators to the previous

Leverage change

Exness has a feature called virtually unlimited leverage. However, leverage limits apply when there are important economic indicators. This is automatically applied when the time comes before or after the economic indicator. All orders placed during this time period will be honored, but the restrictions will be lifted automatically once the economic indicator ends. Of course, after being released, it is calculated based on the normal leverage and required margin rate

Check economic indicators before trading every day

Always check the economic indicators before trading each day. This applies not only to foreign exchange, but also to stocks and virtual currencies. Especially in the case of important indicators such as the unemployment rate and interest rate policy, the market moves greatly, so in the worst case, you will lose all the principal. So make sure to close all positions before the indicator. Economic indicators can generate big profits, but on the other hand, it is a dangerous event that you can lose everything.


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