Exness:What is a Bundle Card? can i use it for deposit?


Do you know what a bundle card is? Exness has a large number of deposit methods, which makes it very diversified. Therefore, by charging (depositing)

Exness Deposit Methods

Please refer to the article on the following page for information on procedures for depositing funds after logging in to Exness, deposit methods, and rules. Currently, bundle cards are treated the same as VISA credit cards, so you can select payment options for deposits and withdrawals from your personal area. There are no new bonuses or campaigns in operation, but you can trade with unlimited leverage.

What is a bundle card?

A bundle card is one of the VISA cards. Bundle cards do not actually issue cards, and there are no screening or age restrictions. Therefore, it will be a card that anyone can create. Rakuten Edy, au WALLET, LINE Pay, Suica, PASMO, V-Preca, and Softbank cards are also bundled cards. It is possible to issue it as a card, but most users generally use it as an app. The handling of bundle cards at FX companies is exactly the same as credit cards.

Bundle card features

Nowadays, bundle cards are clearly different from regular VISA and JCB branded credit cards. Please take a look at the information below when you have time, as it is handled by the operating company. There are advantages and disadvantages to each processing procedure and content.

Available immediately

A bundle card is a VISA card that is attracting attention for its ease of issuance in as little as one minute. If it is really early, it can be issued immediately.

Screening, identity verification, no age limit

There is no screening for bundle cards. Besides that, there is no identity verification or age limit. This makes the card available to anyone.

Card issuance possible

Bundle cards are generally used in apps, but they can be used as physical media. Bundle cards issued with plastic cards are called real cards.

Easy to check history

Since the bundle card is an app, you will receive a notification as soon as you charge or pay. It is a card that allows you to know the situation more quickly than an internet bank account, so it should be very convenient. You can check your charge and payment history at any time from the in-app details.

Pause immediately

There is no problem even if you lose your bundle card. Because you can pause it instantly. You will not be able to charge or make payments while your bundle card is suspended. This operation can be done immediately from the app, so you can immediately prevent the risk of being abused.

No number on the surface

Bundle cards can be real cards, but real cards do not have numbers. It is also designed to not print the card number on the front side, so it can be used very safely, so it can be said that it is more convenient than credit cards and debit cards.

There is a fee

Bundle cards have a deferred payment system called Pochitto Charge. But be aware that this will incur a fee. Please take this into consideration as the fees are set as follows depending on the charge amount.

\3,000 〜 \10,000\510
\11,000 〜 \20,000\815
\21,000 ~ \30,000\1,170
\31,000 ~ \40,000\1,525
\41,000 ~ \50,000\1,830

Charge method

Bundle cards cannot be used without charging. Convenience store payments, ATM deposits, credit card deposits, online bank deposits, and even virtual currency deposits are all available for charging, making it very easy.

Charge with a click

As a special function of the bundle card, there is something called “Pochitto charge”. This is a function that allows you to pay the charged money later. A deferred payment system will be in place.

Create a bundle card

As mentioned above, the bundle card is very easy to make, so I recommend it to everyone.


Recommendation to open an account

To actually trade with Exness, you need to open an account first before making a deposit. Rest assured that anyone can open an account for free.


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