Exness:Is it prohibited to use both sides? Possible? FX trading notes and explanations


At exness, we will explain in this article whether double-sided trading is possible, prohibited, or restricted, and the precautions and rules. Many Forex companies often prohibit the trading format called double-denominated trading. But what exactly is going on with Exness? Exness is a company that has few restrictions among FX companies and has a very high degree of freedom. It also mentions things that are prohibited.

Are both buildings prohibited?

Among Exness traders, the system does not prohibit the use of both sides. Therefore, traders can adopt both denominations as one of their strategies. Multiple duplexes are also possible. By the way, the prohibited items are summarized in the article below, so please check them and use them as a reference. Although there are fees and costs involved, the conditions are good in the industry and zero cuts are applied to all types, so you can trade in large lots.

Reasons for not prohibiting both houses

Why doesn’t Exness ban both houses? Generally, FX companies often specify that double-denomination is prohibited. There is no difference in terms of transaction costs or loss cut levels between the two denominations. However, since buy and sell orders are placed at the same time, they are offset and it is difficult to make a profit. Since it will be two orders, the setup fee will be doubled, so please calculate the fees and funds details before placing your order. Some people fight for the release of economic indicators.

no bonus

Most companies that prohibit hedging offer bonuses, but Exness does not. By using an account with a bonus, you can use the strategy of compensating for the loss with the bonus, so companies with bonuses dislike both construction.

high degree of freedom

Exness has an overwhelmingly high degree of freedom compared to other Forex companies. Compared to other companies, the number of prohibited items mentioned above is overwhelmingly small. It can be said that the reason why we provide users with a high degree of freedom in trading conditions is because we respect the ways in which users can easily earn money.

Both houses are difficult

In fact, in management services, both options and permissions are usually allowed, but the problem is that it is difficult to win. This is because of the following reasons. Please note that this is not a recommended trading strategy for beginners. Regardless of whether it is long-term or short-term, it is necessary to make good decisions and make settlements. If the timing is bad, you will end up losing money on both sides. Move carefully in the market.

experience required

If you are not aware of the flow of price movements in both positions, you will often end up with the wrong timing in both positions. If you do not have detailed knowledge about market movements and currency pair movements, it will be a difficult strategy to make profits. This is a trading method that is not recommended for beginners. When the market is in a range, it becomes difficult to know when to settle the transaction.

Payment timing

The most difficult point with both denominations is the timing of settlement. It is important to decide when to buy or sell. Even if you quickly cut a loss on a negative position, the positive position often turns negative, so if you get the timing wrong, there is a risk that both positions will become negative. there is.

low profit margin

The problem with both stocks is the low profit margin. General discretionary traders generally compete by either buying or selling. In the case of both positions, one position will always have to cut its loss, which is quite inefficient. For this reason, successful traders often do not use a strategy called ryoden.

What is both houses?

Hedging refers to buying and selling the same stock at the same time. This can lead to temporary loss expansion or bridge trading. If you hold the same amount of positions for selling and buying in the same currency pair, it is theoretically the same as the state of settlement. Become.


The advantage is that there is no loss because both buying and selling are included. When there is a certain amount of buying or selling direction, there are many traders who cut the loss on the one who is making a loss and add additional entries to profitable positions to accumulate profits. Many people use this technique when they are in a range. Because I can’t read which way it’s going.


The disadvantage of both houses is that it is difficult to make a profit. This is because the buy and sell entries are entered in the opposite direction at the same time, so even if one side is profitable, the other side will always cut losses. When you become a seasoned trader, you never cross the line in the first place. Many people use the method of sticking to one side and cutting the loss if it goes in the opposite direction.

Hedging method in Exness

How can I do both in Exness? We will summarize the following information on the effective methods. When performed by a professional, compare it with other companies’ services to see if it is easy to use. Exness is a popular broker with a high ranking. Your account will not be frozen even if you do both. Please refer to the official terms and conditions and frequently asked questions when investing. Prices will fluctuate, so try to keep your lots small so that you can basically have as much unrealized profit as possible.

Hedging in the same account

In one account, you can build both in the same brand. Buy one and sell the other. Since it is done in one account, it is easy to understand the status of margin and profit and loss, so there is a feature that it is easy to understand.

Hedging between accounts

Exness allows you to have up to 200 accounts. You can also buy a stock in one account and sell the same stock in another account. Of course, because the accounts are different, management becomes complicated and there are parts that are difficult to do.

Both companies

You can also buy the stock in your Exness account and sell the same stock in another company’s account. However, this also has risks. Exness accepts both positions, but some Forex companies prohibit the use of both positions in the first place. In the worst case, the account will be frozen.

You can open an account for free

You can open an account with Exness for free. The spread is extremely narrow and there are no bonuses or campaigns, but the stop-loss level is zero and the margin maintenance rate can last up to the limit. Furthermore, there are few restrictions with unlimited leverage, and automatic trading (EA) is possible. There is no rejection of orders. Swap points occur when the day passes. Swap-free accounts are also available, but there are conditions such as Muslims.

Abundant trading products

Exness has various financial products such as not only foreign exchange but also virtual currency, precious metals (gold), energy, stocks, etc. This includes xmtrading, gemforex, fxgt, axiory, bigboss, threetrader, iforex, hfm, titanfx etc.


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