Exness:Affiliate Program Rewards and Features Explanation of How to Participate


Exness has an affiliate program. Affiliate programs allow you to refer someone using your referral link, follow the link, open an account, trade, and get paid. IB rewards are generated according to the trading lot volume of the introduced person, so if you make a large trade, you can aim for a considerable reward.

Exness company profile

Exness is a world-famous FX brand that was founded in 2008 and has expanded globally. A multinational group of companies with official financial licenses in multiple countries, including European and international subsidiaries and affiliates. As of April 2022, the transaction size still exceeds $2,105 trillion. Service information is distributed worldwide and users from all over the world can register. Once you create an account and log in, you can start trading.

Affiliate program features

There are two affiliate programs. There are two types of programs: IB (Partnership Program) and Affiliate Program. IB is a simple system because individual traders can earn commissions and profits when they invest in Exness. Further requirements and payment details are provided below. Basic support is also substantial, so please consider it.

IB (Partnership Program)

IB is an abbreviation for Introducing Broker. It is a system where you can receive a part of the total transaction amount of the FX traders you introduced as a reward. IB adopts a life commission system. A lifetime commission is a system in which rewards are paid continuously whenever conditions are met. In other words, if there are traders who continue to trade, your rewards will continue. The IB program ranks up by meeting the requirements. Start with trading partners.

trading partner20%
Advanced Partner25%
bronze partner33%
silver partner35%
gold partner37%
brilliant partner40%

There are also other perks. There is a program called the partner loyalty program that allows you to receive luxurious gifts according to the cumulative transaction volume. If you earn the reward amount of the condition, you will receive a prize accordingly.

free giftconditions
$300,000$800 billion
yacht trip$300 billion
Shopping Tour Trip to the South Island$100 billion
luxury watch$50 billion
europe travel$25 billion
iMac$10 billion
$5,000 trading bonus$5 billion
iPhone$1.5 billion
$500 cash$500 million

affiliate program

Affiliate programs are rewards based on the number of traders you refer. This is an affiliate project where you can aim for continuous rewards as long as the trader trades. For affiliates, we have the following reward system.


CPA is a system in which a reward is paid according to the first deposit amount of the introduced trader. The change in rewards depending on the deposit amount is as follows.

Deposit amountreward


CPL is a system in which introduced traders can receive rewards just by registering as new traders. The hurdles to earn rewards are low, but the reward amount is also low.


How to start an affiliate program or IB

To get started, please go to the homepage. The merchant offers affiliate marketing, and partner members can earn money through transaction fees, which is a good deal. Attract customers by thoroughly promoting the content on X (twitter), Instagram, etc. You can then withdraw your profits for free. There are no campaigns or bonuses, but there is unlimited leverage and a zero cut. Since we handle a large number of products, there are many points that can be promoted.


Go to the bottom of the home page and click on “Partner Program”.

source : https://www.exness.com/

You can start by pressing the start button.

source : https://www.exness.com/

A screen like this will be displayed, so select “Introducing Broker” or “Affiliate” of the affiliate program to get IB rewards. You can apply by entering your email address and password and clicking Create New Account. Move to the dashboard screen and the account opening is complete.

source : https://www.exness.com/

When you go to the dashboard screen, a partner link is generated, so if you open an account through this link and make a deposit or trade, you will receive a reward. But before that, please click “Complete registration” displayed in the center of the screen. You can verify your email address, confirm your phone number, enter your personal information, and verify your identity. If you can complete these three, you are done.


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