easyMarkets: FX maximum leverage of 2000x, rules and trading limits


easyMarkets allows you to trade with quite high leverage. However, please note that leverage limits vary depending on the account type. easyMarkets also supports zero cuts, so you don’t have to worry about losing more than the deposited margin.

About easyMarkets features and functions

easyMarkets was founded in 2001 and has added many features since then. You can start trading immediately by uploading your certificate (driver’s license, passport), completing the document submission, and activating it. You can also create additional accounts. It also has a financial license and is regulated, so it is reliable. Compared to gemforex, ironfx, bigboss, exness, axiory, xm, fbs, etc., it has a richer overall service.

maximum leverage

The maximum leverage is 400x, allowing for fairly high-risk trades. Furthermore, as introduced on the official website, there is also a VIP service where traders can receive generous customer support. Support can be contacted via chat or email. Unique features such as dealcancellation and easytrade are also provided.

Abundant account types

There are various types such as standard accounts and premium accounts, and pips and spreads range from narrow to wide, fixed to floating. In addition, Metatrader’s MT4 and MT5 are available as platforms, and indicators and chart analysis are also possible. There are also demo accounts and corporate accounts. You can also trade currency pairs, precious metals, gold and silver, stock indices, stocks, CFDs, and more. No slippage or contract rejection will occur.

Loss cut and zero cut

If there is a loss, the stop loss level will be applied. If the balance becomes negative, the zero cut system will be applied without margin call. You can reduce risk. There are many financial products, and there are few prohibitions, so automatic trading is possible, and the advantage is that you can also do scalping and double trading. You can enter many lots and hold many positions.

Many deposit and withdrawal methods

As I will explain below, there are many deposit and withdrawal methods. We also accept bank transfer, stickpay, credit card, Bitcoin, etc. Bonuses and campaigns, as well as cash back and points are held, and there are quite a lot of promotions, and there is a cushion function, so you can trade with just the bonus as margin.

Maximum leverage varies depending on account type

Maximum leverage varies depending on account type. Also influenced by trading tools. easyMarkets proprietary platform has a low leverage of 200x. However, if you trade with MT4, it will be 400x, so MT4 is obviously better.

TypeTrade ToolMax Leverage

Unique platform

easyMarkets’ proprietary platform has a low leverage of 200x, but allows you to trade as follows. This is a benefit that cannot be achieved with MT4 or MT5.

freeze rate

Freeze rate is a benefit exclusive to our proprietary platform. Freeze rate has the advantage of fixing the price for 3 seconds. This is a great advantage for scalping traders. Since you can stop it instantly, you can aim for big profits.


dealCancellation means that you can cancel the loss that has occurred. If you cancel the transaction, you can get your funds back minus the dealCancellation fee. In other words, it is a feature that allows you to start over, which is a huge benefit for traders. However, this feature is not available for some trading products. You can check whether a stock is eligible for dealCancellation on the trading screen.

Leverage cannot be changed

You can change the maximum leverage for MT4 and MT5 accounts, but please note that easyMarkets’ proprietary tools cannot change the maximum leverage from 200x. Leverage will be completely fixed.

Leverage for each trading symbol

easyMarkets has different leverage for each trading symbol. As shown below, the leverage starts at 20x and changes depending on whether you use MT4 or MT5, or even your own platform. MT5 has an overwhelmingly high leverage setting. Consider these leverages when deciding when to settle and close orders. Swap points will also be generated individually for each.


leverage limit

easyMarkets applies limits based on account balance. This applies to MT5 accounts. If the total account balance is less than $10,000, the maximum leverage is 2000x. However, if your total account balance exceeds $10,000, you will be limited to 500x. However, there is no leverage limit while holding a position. The leverage will not change until the position is closed.

How to change leverage

Traders themselves cannot change the leverage. To change leverage, you need to contact the support center. This will only be done manually. The only way to contact the support center is by email. Please contact support@easymarkets.com.

Combination of bonus and 2000x leverage

When using a bonus, the 2,000x leverage does not apply. Please note that you will have to choose one or the other.

Leverage restrictions when economic indicators are announced

easyMarkets does not limit leverage when economic indicators are released. This point is overwhelmingly superior to other FX brokers. Even in times of high volatility when economic indicators are announced, you can trade with up to 2,000x leverage.

Adopts zero cut system

easyMarkets allows for quite high leverage trades, but there are risks as well. In the unlikely event that your account balance becomes negative, a zero cut system will be used. Zero cut means that in the unlikely event that your account balance becomes negative, the FX broker will compensate and reduce it to zero. This leaves traders at no risk.

You can open an account for free

EasyMarkets allows you to open an account for free. There is no risk at all, so if you are interested, please open an account.


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